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This Is The Best DNF Duel Character For Beginners

There are a ton of great fighting games available to pick up on any console. Whether you're looking at "Tekken," "Mortal Kombat," or even "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," there's something for everyone. "DNF Duel" is one of the better fighting games available for PlayStation and PC, and was released in late June 2022. The game is part of the "Dungeon and Fighter" games, which includes "Dungeon Fighter Online," one of the games that made the most money in 2019.

One of the most difficult parts of every fighting game is picking a character. "DNF Duel" is no different, and with 10 fighters to choose from, finding the right one can be difficult. If you're a beginner to the game, then some characters are better than others. While there's one character that stands above the rest, there are a few factors that should impact which character you pick when starting out.

In general, Hitman's the best

According to fans of the game on Reddit, Hitman's the perfect choice for beginners. He's easy to play and he's good to learn the game with because he can play against other characters effectively. For anyone that's new to "DNF Duel," new to fighting games in general, or even just looking for a quick character to pick up, then Hitman's the one to go with.

However, for a beginner that wants to sink a bit more time into learning a character, there's another option that might be better: Striker. She's a bit harder than Hitman to play because her combos are much longer and her range is shorter, but she shines when someone's practiced a lot with her. Additionally, while her combos are long, they're not as complicated as some of the other combo-heavy characters in the game.

Of course, just like any game, you'll want to play a character that you genuinely enjoy playing. The hardest character in the game might be the one that you enjoy, whether that's from a gameplay perspective or aesthetic perspective. Either way, make sure you have fun with whoever you pick.