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This Horror Game Boldly Dares You Not To Return It

Steam has its fair share of off-the-wall games, partly because anyone can publish a title via Steam Direct, not just big studios. Ever since Steam added its early access program, projects with little to no polish have become commonplace on the platform. When browsing, it doesn't take long to come across some of the worst Steam games ever released.


In 2015, Valve enacted a refund system on Steam, allowing players to get their money back for products they're unhappy with. A few rules prevent a person from buying a game, finishing it, and then refunding it. For example, purchasers must initiate the refund within 14 days of adding the entry to their library and have less than two hours of playtime on record.

Now a new horror offering is taking advantage of these Steam refund rules in an interesting way. Although it may not look the best or play like a AAA title, it does do something unique that will undoubtedly intrigue many: It challenges the player not to request a refund unless they satisfy a specific condition.

Finish the game before refunding

Launched on July 22, Sungame Studio's "Refund Me If You Can" asks player to complete the entire game before requesting a refund. This creates a race against the clock to finish the title within the two hour refund time limit — no easy task.


In "Refund Me If You Can," players take control of Sarah, a young woman in the midst of a nightmare. This nightmare deposits her in the middle of a maze-like sewer that has over 100 different paths to take, equipped only with a flashlight and some glowsticks. A monstrous creature stalks the player's every move, unafraid to kill the protagonist if it gets close enough. Dying sends the player back to the beginning, stripping them of all progress, making it best to avoid the monster at all costs. Players can find hints, however, such as writing on the wall and noises that can aid Sarah's escape. In contrast, environmental challenges, such as falling platforms and obstacles blocking paths, can hinder her progress.


Even if the buyer spends more than two hours playing, the title only costs $4, so it's not a huge loss. "Refund Me If You Can" won't be for everyone, but it offers some novelty for those stuck in a gaming rut.