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Blizzard Is Giving Away Diablo 4, But There's A Huge Catch

Development for Blizzard's next entry in the popular "Diablo" series, "Diablo 4," is well underway. Unfortunately, however, the once revered games company behind the series is not in the same place it was when it released "Diablo 3" in 2012. Since then, Blizzard has seen controversy after controversy, multiple lawsuits, and a lackluster "Overwatch" sequel, leaving many worried about the future of "Diablo." Still, many gamers are eager to see the latest mainline "Diablo" title, and some are even willing to permanently mark themselves to get an early peek.

Additionally, the mobile spinoff title, "Diablo Immortal," released earlier this year, received a less than stellar reception from fans. Many have called out the game for being a pay-to-win game that lacked innovation, and it has passed an unfortunate milestone by receiving some of the worst user reviews of all time. Needless to say, the "Diablo" franchise needs a real shot in the arm if it's ever going to reclaim the popularity it had in its glory days.

Nevertheless, there are still some hopeful fans out there who are patiently waiting for "Diablo 4," even if its release date is still quite a ways off. These super fans are in luck, as Blizzard recently announced a way to not only get their hands on "Diablo 4" early, but also receive a copy of the game for free. However, not every "Diablo" fan will jump out of their chair to get in on this promotion. Unlike many such giveaways, which require little more than some personal info and patience, Blizzard's latest promotion actually requires a lifelong commitment from participants. Here's the big catch behind Blizzard's "Diablo 4" giveaway.

Fans will need to get a Diablo tattoo

A recent Blizzard blog announced a very special event: the "Diablo" Hell's Ink Tattoo Shop Takeover. This promotional event will take the form of a tour of sorts and see the "Diablo" franchise taking over a handful of select tattoo studios in major cities for an entire day. The Tattoo Shop Takeover runs from July 16 to September 10, and super fans of the "Diablo" series can find the aforementioned tattoo studios in New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. During the event, anyone that stops by can get a free flash tattoo in the unmistakable "Diablo" style. Along with getting a free tattoo, participants will also receive access to the "Diablo 4" Beta and a digital copy of the game upon release.

A few of the dates — Los Angeles and Chicago — have already passed, so fans near the other stops in the Hell's Ink Takeover have been able to get an idea of what's up for grabs on the tour. A clip of the festivities at the Los Angeles event was posted to the official "Diablo" Twitter account, showing off the lines of fans who turned up at Vatican Studios to get their fresh "Diablo" ink. Some fans received their very first tattoo as part of the event, seriously showing off their dedication to the franchise. The team behind the event has already posted some examples of the flash tattoos that were available via the Chicago event, so fans will know what they are getting into. Designs include the "Diablo" logo, a crossbow, and a grim reaper scythe, among other "Diablo"-themed artwork. Additionally, fans can check out the #DiabloHellsInk hashtag on Twitter to see what tattoos participants have already received.

Diablo fans are divided by the tattoo giveaway

As proof of their bravery, superfans are receiving embossed cards thanking them for "offering [their] flesh as tribute." That's a pretty metal way of denoting a tattoo, which fits in with the more diabolical aspects of the fantasy franchise. However, the tattoos are first-come, first-serve, so not everyone will be lucky enough to grab one while supplies last. And as it turns out, not everyone is quite on board with the promotional event, as evidenced by the response on social media. Anyone who is a big fan of both "Diablo" and cool-looking tattoos will surely get a kick out of this event's very existence, but for the average "Diablo" fan, getting inked up for beta access and a copy of "Diablo 4" might not exactly be the most appealing proposition.

Some fans replying to Blizzard's announcements for the event have reacted with what could mildly be described as skepticism. Some fans have balked at the idea of getting a permanent marking in exchange for a game key. Others are still feeling too burned by "Diablo Immortal" to even consider getting tattooed for the franchise. However, the overall response to the event has been one of excitement. It seems there's no limit to how far "Diablo" die-hards will go for their favorite series.