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Stray: How To Get The I Remember! Trophy

While the concept for BlueTwelve Studio's new game "Stray" might initially seem strange to some, the story of an adorable feline protagonist lost in a futuristic cyber-city appears to be resonating with a lot of people. Critics have been raving about the cat-based gameplay and features, such as the developers' decision to give the player a dedicated "meow button," but they have also taken notice about the way the game speaks to humanity's relationship with technology. The game is set in a dilapidated slum full of robots and various pieces of tech refuse that people have simply thrown away without thought or consideration.


One of the main ways that the game allows players to interact with the technological side of this dystopia is through the cat's robot companion, B-12. Players will meet this friendly little drone during Chapter 3 (The Flat). Immediately after that, the game will introduce a new collectible called B-12's Memories. Players will need to discover certain locations that will cause B-12 to remember something from its past. Each new memory will reveal more about B-12 and the history of the area. There are 27 memories in total and the player must find them all in order to unlock the "I Remember!" trophy.

Story related memories

There are five memories that the player will acquire simply by playing through the game's main story. These are impossible to miss, so the player doesn't really need to worry about finding them, but they should still keep track of them in order to keep an accurate count of how many missable memories remain in the game. Luckily, this is easy to do. A marker will pop up on the screen whenever a new memory is found. Non-missable memories are recorded as large orange bars at the top of the tracker while missable ones are smaller blue bars.

  • The first is a giant mural of a tropical beach that the player will encounter on their way out of the flat right after they first meet B-12 in Chapter 3.

  • The second triggers as B-12 and the cat approach the zipline right after the player climbs the elevator and attaches the transceiver in Chapter 5.

  • The third will automatically be collected in Chapter 9 immediately after the player crosses the bridge in Antvillage.

  • The fourth comes not long after the third and it is also collected automatically. B-12 receives this memory as the player passes through the subway between Antvillage and Midtown. The scene occurs just as they reach the station.

  • The final non-missable memory is found after the player makes their way through the wall in Chapter 12 and makes it to the Control Room (via Hold to Reset).


Missable memories 1-5

The first seven missable memories are located in the Slums (Chapters 4 and 6). Luckily, Hold to Reset on YouTube has listed them — and the other missable memories — for gamers.

  • Starting in the area near the mural of an orange robot, there will be a small stack of crates beside an empty vending machine. Using these to start the climb, players should make their way up all the way to the highest rooftop on the building. There should be a dead robot. Examining it will trigger the memory.

  • The second is located near this same area, but instead of climbing up the building they should head down the path to the left of it where they will find a robot in a cowboy hat selling wares. Examine the framed photo and the robot will offer to give it to you for 3 energy drink cans.

  • Starting from the mural again, players should turn to the alleyway opposite the building they climbed and head into the building with a red neon sign over the door. Head up the stairs and jump onto the little table. Examining the bowl here will unlock the third memory.

  • The fourth is located in the back room of Momo's house. There will be a poster on the wall that can be examined for the memory.

  • The fifth memory is triggered by a piece of graffiti. Starting from the mural, the player will want to head down the path past the bar and continue following the path as it twists between buildings until spotting a narrow staircase on the right. This will lead to an ally with the graffiti on the wall.


Missable memories 6-10

  • Still starting from the mural, the player will want to head down the stairs to the left and then immediately make a second left into the area by a couple dumpsters. Climb these until reaching the top of the rear wall with all the fans on it. Here players should find a mural of a robot waving which they can examine for the sixth memory.

  • The last memory that can be found in the slums is located up the stairs of Elliot's Programming. Players will need to scratch on the closed door with a poster of a circuit board map in order to get in, then head upstairs and examine the bonsai tree.

There are two memories located in the Rooftops (Chapter 5).

  • The eighth memory is triggered by a neon sign that is located up the wall that has a bent chain link fence on one side.

  • The ninth is down the alleyway lit by what looks like glowing orange fruit. It can be found on the way to the construction site. The object that needs to be examined is a Neco Corp. sign.

There are three memories located in Dead End (Chapter 7)

  • The tenth memory players can find is located close to the starting area of Dead End. They should head left at the first opportunity upon entering the area and examine the steel garage door.

Missable memories 11-16

  • Memory number 11 is located in an alley with a mural of a red robot and a bicycle in it. Passing through a hole in the chain link fence at the end will lead the player to a walkway with a dead robot at the end. Examine it for the memory.

  • Number 12 is easy. When players reach the part where they meet Doc, they simply need to look around the room and examine the mannequin with a bucket on its head.

There are two memories located in The Sewers (Chapter 8).

  • Upon entering the Sewers and seeing the exploding Zork eggs on the wall, players should turn left, dash through a few of them and jump up to the next opening on the left. Follow the dark tunnel to the end and there should be the 13th memory on the railing outside.

  • In the Tunnel with the long pipe running through it, players should climb the big pipe, follow it till it turns up, then jump to the little pipe on the opposite wall, and then climb up to the pipe that runs through the wall. Climbing through this should reveal the 14th memory.


There is one missable memory in Antvillage (Chapter 9).

There are six memories in Midtown (Chapter 10)

  • The 16th memory is located as soon as the player leaves the subway and enters Midtown. They simply need to head right and examine the bookcase near the robot wrapped in a blanket.

Missable memories 17-22

  • Further into midtown, near the sweeping robot and the large neon arrow sign pointing at a vending machine, there is a plastic dumpster that the player can use to start their climb up a building. There is an alcove near the rooftops with a bed that can be examined for the 17th memory.

  • Go through the window into the barbershop. Then climb up the couch and onto the shelf in order to leap into a narrow storage area, (the one where the ladder leads.) Examining the fallen framed photos here will trigger the 18th memory.

  • The 19th memory is located in Mattibee's foodshop. Go into the back of the kitchen, leap onto the counter, then up to the shelf where the pots are. From here, players should be able to leap through the missing ceiling tile and discover the memory.

  • After the factory, there will be a security station near the plaza with the large hologram in the center. Head inside and examine the picture of the drone on the wall for number 20.

  • Now head into the club. There should be a dumbwaiter located on the counter behind the bar. Riding it down to the basement will reveal a table set with bottles that can be examined for the 21st memory.


There is one memory in Jail (Chapter 11)

  • The 22nd is located in the prison after the player has locked up the first sentinel. In the narrow alley between chain link fences, there will be a broken robot leaning against a dumpster that can be examined to trigger the final missable memory.