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Creepy Stray Mod Combines GTA And Cats

Gamers had to wait over two years to get their paws on "Stray" following its announcement, but now it's finally here. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, the indie title features unique gameplay, with users taking control of a cat in a cybercity. Both critics and players agree that "Stray" is a good time. Despite its relatively short length, it tackles some complicated ideas, like humanity's relationship with technology.

Even though "Stray" is free on PlayStation via PS Plus, it also saw a PC release. Like most PC entries, many were quick to create mods for the adventure game. Some of the mods listed on NexusMods add simple quality of life changes, while others alter the cat's model entirely. Gamers have already begun using different cat models to play as a feline identical to their real-life companions. Now a new "Stray" mod is making the rounds, and it's nothing short of horrifying.

GTA: San Andreas' CJ embraces his inner feline

The mod in question, created by sir_galahad172 and uploaded to Nexus Mods, makes the main character of "Stray" look nothing like the adorable cat it is based on. Instead, it replaces the cat model with CJ, the protagonist of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." Of course, morphing a human body into the shape of a cat can be a creepy sight. So, why was the mod even made?

"This mod is intended as a joke as [CJ] needs to be modded in any game that exists," wrote sir_galahad172. However, the mod has some drawbacks — aside from the obvious detriment of watching a feline-shaped CJ stumble around the world of "Stray." After installing it, every other cat shares the same model as the CJ cat but without the textures. Anyone interested in seeing the mod in action can check out some of the gameplay uploaded by YouTuber Gaming with Griff Griffin.

Installing the mod is a relatively simple process: All gamers need to do is download it from the Nexus Mods page and extract it into their main installation folder. If the player bought the title on Steam, it should look something like s"steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks." Then just boot up the game to see CJ the cat in all his terrible glory.