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Live A Live: How To Get The True Ending

"Live A Live," the remake of a 1994 RPG from Square Enix, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The turn-based title features eight playable characters, all of which have their own story that takes place in a different historical period. "Octopath Traveler" served as a spiritual successor to "Live A Live," using the same eight story framing.


Critics have praised the "Live A Live" remake, stating that it maintains the quality of the original version. "Live A Live" also comes in as a shorter RPG, only taking about 20 hours to beat for most players, with plenty else to see for completionists. Because the game has eight protagonists with their own narratives, players can achieve multiple endings. There is only one true conclusion, however, and it was tweaked for the new release. Here is how to get the true ending in "Live A Live."

Unlocking the true ending in Live A Live

To experience the true ending in "Live A Live," players need to reach the last chapter with any main character other than Oersted. From there, recruit all of the other playable characters. Though you're restricted to four active party members, you still need to have everyone on your team.


Once you've assembled the full group, make your way to the final battle and defeat Pure Odio in the second phase. Don't kill him after he shifts back to Oersted form. Instead, head to the Statue Room on Devil's Peak to cause Oersted to appear and awaken the statues. You will then need to battle repeat versions of previous bosses. If you finish all of the repeat boss fights, Oersted will transform into Sin Odio. Defeat this incarnation to unlock the true ending of "Live A Live."