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How To Find Lisa's Ascension Items In Genshin Impact

While "Genshin Impact" raked in awards shortly after being released, the free-to-play game is better known for its gacha system, which requires that players spend in-game currency (that can also be bought) in order to "roll" for new characters and weapons to play. However, one of the dark sides of the game is the fact that it requires a lot of rolls in order to be guaranteed one of the top-rated characters. One of the gorgeous cast members of the game, LilyPichu, revealed the harsh truth that she's spent more on the game just playing it than she got paid to voice a character.


Despite being a gacha game, developers give a lot of free things to players. This includes limited time outfits, like the free Fischl and Ningguang skin that have appeared alongside special events. One of the free characters that the game gives players is Lisa, a great four-star Electro character to use. Just like any character, she'll need to be ascended multiple times before she can level up fully, and that requires her ascension items.

Lisa's unique ascension items

In order to ascend Lisa in "Genshin Impact," you'll need a few different items: Mora, Slime Condensate, Valberries, and Vajrada Amethyst Slivers. Mora is the in-game currency, and you can get these through quests, selling items, defeating monsters, or even just finding it around the map.


Slime Condensate can be found by killing slimes, which are found across the entire world of Teyvat. You can find them by simply walking around the map – you'll either see them and fight them or they'll pop up near you. You'll also need Valberries, which you can find in the Monstadt area of Teyvat, specifically around Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point. You can also buy these in limited quantity from Chloris in Windrise.

The last thing you'll need is Vajrada Amethyst Slivers. There are several bosses that can drop these, but it's most effective to get them from the Electro Hypostasis or the Raiden Shogun boss fight. You can find both of these under the Bosses tab in the Adventurer's Handbook.


As Lisa levels up, you'll need the more advanced versions of Slime Condensate and Vajrada Amethyst Slivers. However, the enemies will generally level up with your characters naturally, and they'll also start dropping the more advanced versions of these items. They can also be crafted into the advanced versions of the items.