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Asmongold's Latest Update Has Fans Sighing With Relief

While streaming has proven a lucrative career choice for some, it's also a full-time job for top personalities. Many streamers have expressed the desire to quit the profession due to burnout, as the profession often leaves little time for other pursuits and puts pressure on content creators to stream all of the time — even when they want to play video games for fun instead of appeasing an audience in the process.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Asmongold serves as one of the best examples of someone who constantly releases content. His Twitch channel alone has garnered over 3 million followers since his 2014 debut. Unfortunately, this type of dedication has come at a price. Recently, Asmongold revealed his decision to take a break due to a lack of sleep and feeling sick as a result (via Twitter). This led to quite a bit of concern from his fanbase. Now, Asmongold has shared news that should make his fans breathe a sigh of relief.

Asmongold will return to streaming soon

After sharing his decision to take some personal time, Asmongold disappeared for a week without much in the way of an update. This led some to wonder where he had gone and whether he'd return to the streaming space. After all, Asmongold laid out his idea for what he would do if he ever decided to quit streaming earlier this year. However, eight days after the original tweet, he revealed that he has no intention of hanging up his hat and that he'll come back soon.

"My life has been spiraling out of control for the better part of a year now and for the first time I'm taking steps to reign it back in," Asmongold said of his absence on Twitter. He assured fans that his streams will resume ASAP and that he has not developed a disdain for streaming content to an eager audience. The Twitch veteran also thanked the supporters that reached out in his absence to check on his well-being.

The update was met with near unanimous support and excitement. "Stay safe & take your time Zack," responded one individual. "You've brought thousands of people happiness, focus on your own happiness and wellbeing for a bit." Another wrote, "If you don't recharge the batteries and burn out it very well could be the end. Take time to do you, if people can't understand that, they don't care about you ... You're getting watched because you're real."