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Stray: Where To Find All Eight Pieces Of Sheet Music In The Slums

While the main story of "Stray" won't take long to complete, this critically acclaimed release has its own side quests, secrets, and achievements to hunt down. The earliest optional trophy is earned by handing over eight pieces of sheet music to a robot musician named Morusque. You can find him down the stairs to your left after completing the introductory cutscene with the Guardian after entering the first robot-populated neighborhood. Upon giving him all the pages, you'll be rewarded with the Music Badge and the "Meowlody" trophy.

The pieces of sheet music themselves are scattered all around the Slums, which can be tricky to navigate due to a lack of any sort of map or marker system. Thankfully, most pages can be found in key story locations for "The Slums – Part 1" and "Part 2," while the rest don't require too much of a detour to collect. Here's where to find all eight pieces of sheet music in "Stray."

Make sure to explore thoroughly

The locations of all pieces of sheet music are as follows, in their numbered order:

  • 1/8 – "Petite valse": Momo's apartment, on the far shelf above the broken toilet in his dilapidated bathroom/storage closet.
  • 2/8 – "Ballad of the lonely robot": On a wooden table on the topmost balcony of the building across from Elliot's workshop, just beside the entrance to Clementine's flat.
  • 3/8 – "Untitled": Elliot's workshop, stuck to the big robot picture you'll see right upon entering from the first floor.
  • 4/8 – "The way you compute tonight": Purchased from Azooz for one energy drink can. The closest operating vending machine is actually right in front of Morusque — you can grab the can and head straight past the Guardian to buy the page.
  • 5/8 – "Tomorrows": The second floor of the Dufer Bar, on the middle booth table.
  • 6/8 – "Cool down": Clementine's flat, on the shelf by the foot of the bed.
  • 7/8 – "Mildly important information": Doc's apartment, on the piano in the middle room containing the dead robot.
  • 8/8 – "Unreadable sheet music": Inside a safe in the alley past Morusque's location. You can find a guide on how to solve its passcode here.

How to double-check your missing sheet music

If you're not sure which sheet music you're missing, you can check by looking at the pages tacked to the shutter beside Morusque. Already presented pieces are arranged in two rows of four, in order of 1-4 on the top and 5-8 on the bottom. It might be a little tricky to tell if you've only handed over a few pages. If you're hunting down an elusive last page or two, it'll be obvious which ones you're looking for by the gaps in the rows.

One thing to note is that Morusque will play each piece of music upon being presented with them. There's no way to interrupt his performances either, so you'll have to wait a bit after each page if you're handing them over in bulk. Thankfully, there's a scenic nap spot right next to him where you can settle down and grab some great screenshots.

Be careful: Morusque's songs will loop if you're napping during the end of them, and you might find yourself waiting for twice as long for him to finish so you can turn over the next piece of sheet music. Unless you really like the song he's playing, of course, in which case you can keep napping on purpose to keep up the jam. Some of the songs are actually quite groovy — hopefully, BlueTwelve Studio will add the option to request repeat performances in a future update.