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The Nier: Automata Secret Room That Has Fans Going Wild

"Nier: Automata" released in 2017 to solid reviews and a great fan response. Known for subverting expectations with both gameplay and story, the action RPG offers a story that seems simple at first but grows more complex over time as players explore the world. Indeed, few players likely invested enough time to unlock all 26 of the game's endings or unravel the true tale. "Nier: Automata" features a double plot twist and is absolutely bursting with content and secrets to uncover. There are so many secrets, in fact, that fans are still finding new ones today.

Back in January 2021, gamers were certain the last secret had been uncovered. Data miner, modder, and streamer Lance McDonald posted on Twitter that he had discovered a secret cheat code programmed into the game that lets players skip to the very end after defeating the first boss. Series creator Yoko Taro even took the time to acknowledge the discovery and note that it had taken nearly three years for someone to unearth this secret. At the time, Kotaku and other publications and gamers assumed that this was confirmation that the "final secret" had finally been unlocked. It now seems those assumptions were incorrect and "Nier: Automata" still has more to offer up to persistent and observant fans.

When it comes to the game's latest secret, Lance McDonald once again took part in the breaking this story, although he's not the one who discovered the secret. On July 25, McDonald tweeted a video taken from Reddit of a player exploring a secret room in the Copied City area of the game. This room was previously unknown and, as far as anyone knows, only a single person has ever been able to access it.

A new final secret

The newly-discovered room fits the largely colorless style of the Copied city and features some robots to fight and amazing views. McDonald's string of tweets does an excellent job of summarizing the situation and capturing the magnitude of the discovery for those who aren't familiar with the game. The mystery has been unfolding for months now, beginning with a user named Sadfutago posting on several "Nier"-related Reddit boards about a church in the game and asking how to gain access to it. It seems Sadfutago had stumbled on this secret room, but had no idea how they had done so or how their friends could also access it. They also apparently had no idea that they were the only person to have ever become aware of this room, which blew the minds of longtime fans. 

Redditors ignored the posts at first and then mostly responded with skepticism, assuming it was some sort of misunderstanding or prank. It wasn't until Sadfutago shared a video of them exploring the room and McDonald claimed that this couldn't have been modded or faked that the community agreed this is truly another real secret within "Nier: Automata."

Yoko Taro's only real response has been to joke on Twitter about how he may or may not have some insight regarding the mystery room — which he naturally hasn't revealed. And so, fans have been left wondering if this is the true "final secret" of the game or if there's still more to uncover. With the possibility of more to find and a "Nier: Automata" anime in the works, fans are going to be busy for some time.