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Is Rollerdrome Coming To Xbox Series X And S?

"Rollerdrome," developed by Roll7, combines two well-known genres. Roll7 is known for its fast-paced skating games, such as "OlliOlli" and "OlliOlli World," where players rack up points by pulling off tricks. "Rollerdrome" keeps the tradition alive, with players turning in their skateboards for a pair of roller skates in addition to another major mix-up.

"Rollerdrome" blends the skating and trick mechanics of "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" with the slow-motion gunplay of "Mad Max" in a stylized, cell-shaded world. Players are placed in a roller derby arena and tasked with gunning down enemies via a large arsenal of firearms, including a pistol, shotgun, and grenade launcher, all while racking up a large skating trick score to restore ammo.

The story of "Rollerdrome" takes place in 2030 when corporations rule the world and a new blood sport emerges as the premier pastime. Players must unravel the mystery surrounding the corporate takeover and discover the true intentions of the Rollerdrome game. Gamers can pick up "Rollerdrome" for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, but will it come to Xbox Series X and S?

Rollerdrome won't skate onto Xbox Series consoles

Unfortunately for Xbox enthusiasts, "Rollerdrome" will not release on Xbox Series X and S or Nintendo Switch. PlayStation users will be happy to learn of its availability as a PS Plus Premium Game Trial title, giving subscribers a way to try out the entry before they buy it. Clever utilization of the DualSense's haptic feedback to create an immersive experience serves as another reason to pick up the game on PS5.

Roll7 hasn't mentioned an Xbox version thus far, nor has publisher Private Division. The reveal trailer also indicates that "Rollerdrome" will be a PlayStation console exclusive until at least February 2023. Of course, there is always a chance "Rollerdrome" will receive ports for other systems after the exclusivity period if it proves successful enough. This has been the case with many indie titles, including Roll7's "OllieOllie." The decision will likely depend on how well the game sells on PC and PlayStation.