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Dead By Daylight: The Best Perks To Help Evade The Dredge

"Dead by Daylight" sets itself apart from other horror games through its Survivor vs Killer system and deep lore. The title has grown so popular that it even spawned a bizarre dating sim spinoff in which the Killers look for love. While "Dead by Daylight" might sound easy – either kill the Survivors or survive the Killer – it can offer a high level of difficulty. Players may struggle to counter certain Killers or complete challenges like the White Glyph Challenge.


One of the hardest Killers to counter is the Dredge, a monstrous being that joined the roster as part of the June 2022 Chapter DLC "Roots of Dread." Between its ability to teleport and cause Survivors to become blind and exhausted, gamers may have a hard time playing against it. The Dredge might seem impossible to evade, but certain perks can help Survivors out.

Perks for evading the Dredge

The Dredge's mobility makes it hard to play against, but the right perks can offer a solution. Spine Chill not only warns you when the Killer moves within a certain range, but grants bonuses when it looks at you with an unbroken line of sight. Receiving a heads up that the Killer is teleporting near you can be incredibly beneficial. Mikaela Reid's Shadow Step can also slow the Dredge down by concealing Survivor auras. Jeff Johansen's Distortion offers a similar benefit for hiding only your own aura, but it's not as helpful in a team setting. 


Staying healthy also affects your chances of success or failure. The Dredge's Nightfall ability significantly reduces visibility and gives the Killer other benefits. While likely unavoidable, it triggers faster each time a Survivor gets injured. By staying healthy, you can delay the trigger and give yourself a better chance of surviving your "Dead by Daylight" session.