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The Witcher Actress You Didn't Know Pulled Double Duty For The Franchise

Despite its mostly maligned first season, Netflix's "The Witcher" has found rampant success. As much as fans like to complain about the interweaving timeline, the numbers speak for themselves (via RadioTimes). Variety reported that Season 2 of the fantasy series was one of Netflix's most popular shows, clinching a coveted spot on the Top 10 list. The popularity of "The Witcher" all started with Andrzej Sapkowski's batch of novels featuring Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and his adventures with Ciri (Freya Allan) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra). Since then, it has flourished, touching almost every type of media since its inception.


With television series and games created from the source material, it should be no surprise that those involved with the show have started other projects. Though it may be hard to spot, one prominent actor in "The Witcher" has lent her talents to a property many may be familiar with.

MyAnna Buring was a voice in The Witcher 3

As Yennefer of Vengerberg's mentor and mother-figure Tissaia, MyAnna Buring has made quite a name for herself in the world of "The Witcher." A prominent supporter of tough love, Tissaia helps mold Yennefer into the esteemed and talented mage she is today. But that is not her only claim to fame. Before Buring called Yennefer "piglet," she lent her voice to another character in "The Witcher" universe.


In the "Blood and Wine" expansion for "The Witcher 3" video game, Buring voices the duchess of Toussaint, Anna Henrietta. Like Tissaia, the Lady Duchess is a woman of high caliber who demands the utmost respect from subordinates and Witchers alike. Jaskier is a perpetual nuisance, and his counterpart in the games has a brief liaison with the duchess, which ultimately leads him to be banished. Play the expansion long enough, and you may get the joy of hearing the voice of Tassaia give Jaskier his just desserts.

MyAnna Buring is a genre icon

MyAnna Buring is a versatile actress who has a wide range of credits, but her contribution to the world of horror and fantasy filmmaking has been prolific. Her feature film debut was in Neil Marshall's horror film, "The Descent," proclaimed as one of the scariest movies of all time. The female-driven fright fest depicts a group of friends who go spelunking in an undiscovered cave, only to realize a hoard of monsters surrounds them. However, the film's true villain is not a group of cannibalistic cave dwellers but the exploration of female pain in the movie.


"I find it fantastic that we can explore those metaphors in such a tactile way," Burning stated in a behind-the-scenes look at the film (via YouTube). "I think that is something that is missing from a lot of art nowadays." True to her point, Buring would go on to appear in Marshall's film "Doomsday" as well (via IMDb). Modern fantasy and horror fans may also recognize her from the highly profitable "Twilight Saga" as Denali vampire Tanya. According to Glamour, Burning reportedly loved doing the films.

"Surreal," Burning told the publication when asked how it felt to be a part of such a worldwide phenomenon. "Most of the time, it's been incredible witnessing and feeling the amount of love so many people have for these books and films."