Carolyn Jenkins

Photo of Carolyn Jenkins
SUNY Purchase, Long Island University, New York Film Academy
CW Teen Dramas, Saw Franchise, Harry Potter
  • Carolyn worked as a set P.A. for Adult Swim's Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter.
  • She has written two feature-length screenplays.
  • She's also watched the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every year since first buying the DVDs in 2006.


Carolyn's love for narrative storytelling started early, leading her to seek out writing in higher education where she directed, and edited a dramatic scene. During graduate school, she delved deeply into all aspects of television. After co-writing a television pilot, she assisted with the production of the episode as well as costuming. This passion for television reached its pinnacle when Carolyn discovered writing pop culture commentaries. She first started in 2015 on Colaborator and continued to write for various pop culture publications such as ScreenRant, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, and The Nerd Stash. She is currently an Entertainment News writer and Audience Developer.


Carolyn has a bachelor's in screenwriting and playwriting from SUNY Purchase and a master's in writing and producing for television from Long Island University.

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