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Doom Meets Stray In This Bizarrely Epic Mod

Since the release of "Stray" on PS5 and PC, the PC modding community has been running wild. Some of the mods are fairly simple, like letting you pick the color of the cat in "Stray," to more complex and odd mods, like turning the "Stray" cat into CJ from "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." Now, the adorable feline, who is just as cute in real life, has made its way into another video game thanks to the hard work of a PC modder. This new mod takes the playful and relatively peaceful protagonist from "Stray" and lets it embrace its animal instincts to rip and tear.

Made by edypagaza, the new mod adds the "Stray" cat to the original "DOOM." The mod turns the classic first-person shooter into a third-person shooter, where the "Stray" cat has a gun floating above its head. While the rest of "DOOM" is in its original art style, the cat maintains its 3D high-quality model, looking like it got picked up from "Stray" and dropped into the world of "Doom." The mod is available on ModDB and edypagaza also uploaded a short video on their YouTube channel showcasing it. Why did edypagaza create the mod? The answer is fairly simple.

The simple inspiration for adding the Stray cat into Doom

As for edypagaza's explanation for creating this mod? The same reason people get "DOOM" running on anything with a screen. "I know 'Can it run Doom?' is a thing but I also think 'Can you put it in Doom?" edypagaza said on Twitter. They aren't new to modding "DOOM," having previously released the "DOOM Shinobi" mod, which turns the game into a "Ninja Gaiden" title, complete with third-person action and the appropriate weapons.

Considering how popular mods have been for "Stray" on PC, it seems like a natural progression for it to start leaking into other games. While there currently doesn't seem to be any other mods putting the cat protagonist in other games on either ModDB or NexusMods just yet, some people might be inspired by this "DOOM" mod. Until that date, you can continue enjoying "Stray" with one of the many, many mods for that game, like the Garfield mod. Outside of the dozens of different mods that change the look of the cat, there are also mods to change the way "Stray" is played, like a first-person mod that lets you truly experience life as a cat or the split-screen mod that lets two cats play together on a single-screen.