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Steam Deck Fans Just Got The Best Supply News Possible

While getting your hands on a current-gen console continues to be more difficult than it should be, due to supply issues plaguing the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Valve has made it even easier to get a Steam Deck. In an announcement on Steam, Valve revealed that some of the supply issues slowing production of the Steam Deck have begun to clear up, so Valve is ramping up production to get Steam Decks out to customers much faster.


"Many of the supply chain shortfalls that affect Steam Deck are gradually clearing up, and we're continuing to ramp production, so we're able to produce more Decks faster than ever before," Valve wrote.

Valve then revealed the impact this will have on customers, which is that everyone who currently has a Steam Deck reservation will get the email allowing them to purchase it before the end of the year. That means anyone who has put down the $5 reservation will get their Steam Deck this year, assuming they choose to buy one when the time comes. Valve provided more details on how this affects reservations.

Some Q4 Steam Decks are now Q3 Steam Decks

As for the exact logistics of it, Valve is currently in Q3 of Steam Deck reservations, which covers July to September. In its blog post, the company stated that many people who were previously set for Q4 — October to December — were bumped up to Q3. Anyone that was listed in the Q4 or later category is now confirmed for Q4. The biggest announcement in the blog post is that anyone who reserves a Steam Deck now will get put into the Q4 category, so even if you haven't ordered one yet, you could still get it this year. Valve did note that the remaining Q4 reservations could fill up quickly, at which point people would start getting slated for Q1 2023.


There;s already been some confirmation that users are getting bumped up in line. A Reddit post discussing the increased supply of Steam Decks was filled with comments of people either getting bumped up to Q3 or people getting their "Post-Q3" reservations confirmed for Q4. Valve did not state if reservation dates or supply was dependent on which tier of Steam Deck you purchase, so it seems like the supply chain is being improved across the board.