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Live A Live: How To Find The Optional Party Members In Twilight Of Edo Japan

"Live A Live" is an oddity in the RPG space. It first released solely in Japan in 1994, long before Square became Square Enix, and didn't see a proper launch in the West until 2022. Unlike many RPGs of the time, "Live A Live" lets players choose one of several characters to play as, and the title is told through seemingly unrelated chapters that span across all of history. It still earned praise from most critics years later with the "Live A Live" remake, and people remain enamored with discovering all the title's secrets — like how to get the true ending.

While "Live A Live" doesn't take nearly as long to beat as some other RPGs of its era, the rotating cast of characters and settings deliver a proper adventure in bite-sized doses. Each chapter can vary wildly from the last, with some more centered around combat than others. There's even the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter that sets players in the shoes of a lone Shinobi. Though stealth is encouraged, and players can make it through the chapter without much assistance if they choose, the Twilight of Edo Japan holds two secret party members that can join up with Oboromaru. Taking on some of the more daunting challenges — like Lord Iwama — will feel much more manageable with a little help, so here's how to recruit optional allies in the Twilight of Edo Japan.

How to find The Prisoner

While The Prisoner will inevitably join Oboromaru before the end of the chapter, players can actually get this ally super early-on, and use the character throughout the rest of Oboromaru's adventure. If players head to the first floor of dungeons in the Castle Keep, they'll be able to find The Prisoner in the cell to the left of Goemon. After entering the cell and approaching The Prisoner, the floor will drop out from under Oboromaru's feet, sending him to the catacombs below. 

The area is teeming with spirits, which will heal another enemy coming up if not dealt with, so it's in Oboromaru's best interest to eliminate each one before ascending the stairs to challenge Amakusa Shiro. The fight can be difficult, but if players have leveled to a point where they can use the Phantom Butterflies ability, the bout should pass by pretty quickly. Once Shiro has been dealt with, The Prisoner will fall down to join Oboromaru and players can recruit the character after a quick chat. The area's exit is up by where Shiro was encountered, and it'll take players back to the cells where they started.

How to find The Mimic O-Robo

Alongside The Prisoner, Oboromaru can recruit a Mimic character that takes on a palette-swapped appearance of Oboromaru himself. The Mimic, or O-Robo, can only be recruited after the player has collected at least four Koban coins. These items can be found and are given as a reward across the chapter. After acquiring four Kobans, players can head to the Tea Room and face off against Puppetmaster Gennai. Defeating the foe will reward players with a Mainspring Key and allow passage through the hidden passage behind Gennai.

Following the passage will lead to a room with a slot in the back right wall. Inserting three Kobans into the slot will prompt a "click" and players can return to the Tea Room, taking care to avoid the trap panel at the center. Players will find the room has changed, with a wooden puppet now seated in the middle of the area. Inserting the Mainspring Key into the figure will prompt it to turn into a Mimic of Oboromaru and attack. The fight shouldn't cause too much grief, and after it's defeated, The Mimic will follow Oboromaru. Once again, carefully avoid a trap in the center of the room and return to the coin slot space to insert a final Koban into the wall. This will open a sliding door to the left and allow Oboromaru to escape with the new ally.