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Halo Meets P.T. In This Unbelievable Recreation

"Halo Infinite" still doesn't have a Forge mode. It's been over eight months since launch and co-op and Forge mode still doesn't have a release date. However, fans have gotten to take an early look at the mode through leaks on social media. One of these leaks just happened to be a impressively accurate recreation of Hideo Kojima's infamous "Silent Hills" demo, "P.T."

Death Templer, who had access to an early model of the Forge, posted their "P.T." recreation on Twitter. In his clip, he toured the dimly lit apartment from the demo with convincingly recreated apartment furniture, sound effects, and lighting. It looks like what someone might see when stumbling through a dark hallway with a flashlight. He even added an audio cue of Lisa, a ghost from "P.T.," breathing in the background.

"My ultimate goal is to make PT so well in Forge one day, it prompts a cease and desist from Konami," Death Templer tweeted. At the very least, "Silent Hill" fans were impressed enough to fill the comments of his YouTube video of the "P.T." recreation. 

"Ok now I know everyone has been feigning astonishment with the other forge videos when their creations honestly look mediocre, but I can say in all honesty this is phenomenal. Truly impressive and skilled creator," one fan commented on Death Templer's video. There, the creator wrote more about the context behind the map.

What could've been

In his video description, Death Templer explained that his "P.T." recreation was just used as a "passion demo for practice." However, he even went as far to have a separate mode where you could remove your gun from the picture. No weapons would've better matched the "P.T." tutorial, which only included the protagonist's bare hands. Unfortunately, Death Templer couldn't tour the map again with the barehanded version before the game crashed. 

He originally planned to build on what he already had to make it an even more accurate "P.T." recreation, but this version of the Forge didn't allow for saving maps yet. "That being said, I will strive to recreate as much of the game as I can for Forge's official release, visually, AND functionally," he wrote. He still access to the Forge, but perhaps not the final version. We'll have to see if he follows up with a true copy. "Took out the jumpscare last minute," he teased.

Fans already knew that they would be waiting a while for co-op and Forge modes when 343 Industries announced "Halo Infinite" would launch without them. However, with more leaks making the rounds, perhaps it's closer than we think.