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Former Xbox Exec Reveals The Truth About Console Wars

The famed "console wars" between Sony and Microsoft have been raging since the creation of the original Xbox. Now, PlayStation and Xbox fans are ready to defend their favorite companies, whether it's for the bragging rights about the better first-party studios, video game subscriptions, or working conditions. It's like a sports rivalry, except with consoles. One would think it's a happy accident based on the overlap between Sony and Microsoft's audiences. However, Peter Moore, former Microsoft VP, recently revealed it was more intentional. 


Ernest Baker, the host of a sports-focused podcast called Front Office Sports, spoke with Moore in a recent episode of his podcast about the history of the Xbox and Xbox 360. Moore was the VP of the branch responsible for manufacturing the Xbox and Xbox 360, which he supports to this day. When the topic of the console wars came up, Baker said, "People like rivalry. It adds entertainment to the conversation, even if you can get both. It's an ideological battle and people are attracted to that."

The surprising part? Moore agreed. Here's what he told Baker about the truth behind the console wars.

It's good for gaming, he said

Microsoft and Sony probably didn't sit in a war room, scheming up promotional battles to drive each other forward. However, Moore revealed that the company leaned into the console wars more than fought it. "We built and we encouraged the console wars. Not to create division, but to challenge each other," he said.


"If Microsoft hadn't stuck the course after the Xbox, after the Red Rings of Death, gaming would be a poorer place for it. You wouldn't have the competition you have today, two big behemoths like Microsoft and Sony investing billions of dollars each. It's good for gaming."

He explained that the competition created a drive for both companies to continue one-upping each other. After all, if one fails, then the other will get their customers. In that sense, the duality created a healthy competition — like capitalism intended. Moore even went on to say he enjoyed seeing the success of the Nintendo Switch. 

After launching the Xbox 360, Moore moved on to EA Sports to work as its president before becoming COO. Eventually, he left the gaming industry to become the CEO of Liverpool Football Club. However, his legacy remains in the ongoing console war between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.