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Goat Simulator 3 Devs Break Their Silence On Bizarre Title

Coffee Stain Studios made a big splash at Summer Game Fest with the reveal of "Goat Simulator 3." Revealed with a shot for shot remake of the "Dead Island 2" trailer, "Goat Simulator 3" quickly made a splash, but it left one lingering question that the developers hadn't answered until now. In a PlayStation Blog post, several developers from Coffee Stain gave their personal explanations as to why the sequel to "Goat Simulator" has the number three on the end of it when there was never a "Goat Simulator 2." The answer isn't straightforward at all, unfortunately.

Nikhat Ali from Coffee Stain Publishing jokingly said that "Unfortunately we've not managed to get a straight answer from our friends over at Coffee Stain North, the creators of the game. Which isn't totally surprising as they are a bit of a strange bunch." The answers the developers did give might surprise you. While it's not totally serious, the tone of the blog post hints at what fans can expect from the upcoming game: complete silliness.

Goat Simulator 3 skipped the number 2 for the joke

Here are some of the reasons why "Goat Simulator 3" isn't numerically accurate. "There were three goats on the box art," community manager and cinematographer Rasmus Björk said. "Someone from the Publishing team said it and we didn't want to correct them," game producer Judith Radnitz said. It becomes clear pretty quickly that the reason for skipping straight to the number three is purely because it matches the wacky and off the wall tone of the game. That said, there are some pretty great answers throughout the PlayStation Blog.

"God of War: Ragnarök was already taken," creative director Santiago Ferrero said. "The numbers Mason, what do they mean?" sound designer Stuart Docherty asked, making a reference to the "Call of Duty: Black Ops" campaign. The rest of the PlayStation Blog covered some of the digital and physical goodies players can get from the different editions of "Goat Simulator 3." There are a variety of wacky hats named things like "Valentino Salami" and "Dolph Spaghetti" that players can get for their digital goats. There is also a physical collector's edition that comes with a steelbook and a goat plushie for the "Goat Simulator" super fans out there. And who knows? Maybe Coffee Stain is saving the name "Goat Simulator 2" for the next game in the series.