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Dr Disrespect's Game Reveal Has Fans Throwing Shade

Dr Disrespect is known for his quality production values and hilarious persona. Although the streamer was permanently banned on Twitch for an undisclosed reason in 2020, he has made a name for himself on YouTube, amassing over four million subscribers.

But Dr Disrespect is more than just an entertainer. The man behind the persona, Guy Beahm, previously worked on a "Call of Duty" title as a map designer (per CallofDuty.fandom). So naturally, when late last year, the streamer announced he was teaming up with former 343 and Infinity Ward employees to form a AAA game studio, everyone took notice.

However, since its announcement, fans have only gotten only snippets of information about what kind of game the newly developed studio was working on. The little information released had fans outraged, as it revealed the game's inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Still, new information about the project has recently been released, including an official name and some gameplay to go along with it, and gamers took notice, but not everyone liked what they saw.

Fans aren't impressed

On July 29, Midnight Society shared on Twitter that "Deadrop" would be the official title for the upcoming game. The game's cyberpunk setting and gameplay also seem to be locked in, according to the official "Deadrop" website. "Deadrop" is calling itself the first Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES). Extraction shooters include games like "Escape from Tarkov," where players spawn in on a large map and compete for resources before extracting out alive. But, of course, the catch is if a player dies, so does their character.

Additionally, Founder's pass holders got hands-on experience with "Deadrop." Those who even got to boot the game, that is, as many complained that the game required a massive amount of RAM to function. In the Snapshot release, players got to explore a hideout and fire a rifle at two shooting ranges, showcased by YouTubers such as @Crimson Relic.

However, gamers were not impressed. On top of the typical criticism the game received for embracing NFTs, many were quick to express disappointment with the game's graphics. Some even said it looked like an Xbox 360 game or something made in the "GTA 3" engine. Additionally, a handful of viewers reported that the character's speed and low rate of fire made the game look clunky and weird. 

It is worth noting that "Deadrop" is still in early development, so this footage will most likely look nothing like the final game. But that won't stop the criticism from pilling on.