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Elden Ring: How To Find The Tower Of Return

Arguably one of the greatest maps and worlds ever designed for a video game, the Lands Between in "Elden Ring" is chock-full of secrets. Be it hidden stories or even hidden areas, FromSoftware's magnum opus has dazzled gamers with intrigue and rewards them for searching the environment with a fine-toothed comb — even locations one might think aren't too important. This kind of world-building — in addition to its impossible boss fights and stunning visuals — has earned "Elden Ring" a near-perfect reputation. And there is no better example of this than the Tower of Return.

On the surface, the Tower of Return itself doesn't offer players much in the way of importance, as the location doesn't feature any merchants or NPCs in the area, despite being well-guarded by powerful enemies. However, it does possess some secrets that provide great incentive to gamers brave enough to seek it out. But how can players reap the rewards from exploring this seemingly low-key area? Here's how to find the Tower of Return and how players can benefit from finding it.

How to find the Tower of Return

The Tower of Return itself is in an area of the map that is a tad bit secluded. It is found at the Weeping Peninsula in Limgrave and isn't far off from the Tombsward Site of Lost Grace. Upon reaching the Grace Site, head southwest to the southern-most part of the landmass, and it will be found without much issue. Getting into the Tower, however, is another story. As seen in YouTuber TrophyGamer's playthrough, soldiers patrol the Tower's perimeter, and won't be too keen on uninvited guests just strolling into it.

There are a total of five sentries outside the Tower of Return, one of which is on horseback. These guys will put up a pretty good fight, so it's best to stay on your steed as you fight through them. If you are, at any point, knocked off your horse, quickly get back on and resume fighting. Once you've dispatched the pesky foes outside, go inside the Tower and climb to the top. There, you will find a chest that will transport you directly to Leyndell, Royal Capital

There, you can engage in a secret boss fight against a sleeping Golem and also gain access to the Blessed Dew Talisman, which will gradually restore 2 HP per second when equipped. So, while the Tower of Return itself isn't all that exciting, the rewards and runes earned from the secret boss fight it leads to make it well worth the effort.