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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: The 2 Best And 2 Worst Healers

"Xenoblade Chronicles 3" is finally here, and gamers everywhere are diving back into the world of the series. Both critics and players agree that "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" is a solid title, offering up well over 100 hours of quality content. But some gamers, especially those unfamiliar with JRPGs, may be put off by the game's intricate class and archetype systems.


For example, the class system in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" allows players to mix and match 25 different skill sets. This makes setting up an optimal build a tricky task. Additionally, players should have two Attackers, two Defenders, and two Healers in their party, but the class slotted into each respective role is up to the player. 

After a few hours players will find out that some classes are better at fulfilling specific roles than others. For example, some Healer classes can drastically outperform others at identical levels. Listed below are the two best and two worst healers in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3."

Valdi and Fiona are the best

Valdi is arguably the best Healer in the game. Valdi is a War Medic that excels at healing while also providing strong DPS for the group. He additionally provides considerable AOE heals with his Chain Art, Bullet Hail, that heals all allies for 40% HP while also granting them a Regenerate buff. Players can unlock Valdi as early as Chapter 3 without straying too far from the main path.


Fiona is another Hero that excels as a Healer. Fiona is a Signifer that provides fewer heals than Valdi but makes up for it with her buffs. For example, she gives random party-wide status buffs that become vital in the game's later stages. And her Chain Attack, Galactic Fight, charges the Chain Attack gauge and grants a Power Charge to all allies. Fiona's buffs paired up with Valdi's impressive healing ability make for a perfect combo.

Players can find Fiona in Chapter 5 near Cadensia Region's Conchrock Beach. After approaching her, she will give players the quest, Transparent Dream. Once the quest is complete, Fiona will become a permanent member of the player's party.

Teach and Isurd are the worst

Teach is a Healer that doesn't excel in many areas. His starting class is Thaumaturge, which specializes in offense at the cost of his healing abilities. A better Thaumaturge would be Mio, who has a Thaumaturge class rank of S, allowing her to level up the class much faster than Teach. Another replacement for Teach is Taion, who starts as a Tactician and provides a better balance of healing and attack.


Teach can be found relatively early in Chapter 3, during the Going Beyond Power quest at the North of Aetia Region's Gura Flava Camp. But because Valdi is located in the same chapter, they are a better choice for many players who prefer a nice balance of offense and healing.

Isurd is another lackluster Healer in "Xenoblade 3." His starting class is Strategos, a class that uses guns to aid his allies and weaken his foes. Isurd's Chain Attack, War of Attrition, reduces enemy Physical and Ether Defense by 15% during the Chain Attack. However, much of his debuffs feel weak compared to the buffs Fiona provides.

Isurd can be unlocked in Chapter 4 at the Pentelas Region's Colony Lambda. But many players may want to hold out on leveling up Isurd, as Fiona can be found in the next chapter.