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Twitter Is In Love With Pokemon's New Motorcycle Legendaries

The ninth generation of Pokemon is coming later this year with the release of "Pokemon Scarlet" and "Pokemon Violet" for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like the Legendaries are going to be wild. In the latest Pokemon Presents video, gamers got a look at the region of Paldea, the series' newest region. More excitingly, fans got a glimpse of the new Legendary Pokemon that will appear, and they're like nothing we've seen before.


There have been Pokemon you could ride across sea, land, and air before but there have never been Pokemon that are actual vehicles. That changes with the introduction of Koraidon and Miraidon. These new Legendaries look like they could be dragons but they're more than that; They're also motorcycles. That can fly. And swim. And run up vertical cliffs. Needless to say, aspiring Pokemon trainers are going nuts for these new pocket monsters.

New Legendaries will be vehicles and 'partners'

While some may be nostalgic for the old days of more simple forms of transportation, others are freaking out about the new Pokemon motorcycles. Some gamers are imagining the possibilities a vehicle Pokemon presents and are finding these Legendaries are making it hard to choose which version of the game they'll be picking up when they release. The comments under the YouTube video are also full of love for the new Pokemon and speculation about what they mean for the future.


There is also speculation that these Legendaries will be available much sooner than in previous games (via Kotaku). The Pokemon Presents video implies that they will be important for travel and they are referred to multiple times as the player's "partner" in their adventures. This could mean Legendaries will be with us from very early in the game and be a part of the core experience.

Regardless, fans can expect more updates from Nintendo as the November release date approaches.