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Karl Jacobs' Comic Book Announcement Has Fans Going Wild

If players are at all familiar with "Minecraft," it's likely they're also familiar with Karl Jacobs, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his content based around the sandbox game. The breakout content creator gained traction in both the streaming and "Minecraft" communities after partnering with Dream — another popular content creator known for both his "Minecraft" antics and his refusal to reveal his face. Despite the notable affiliations, Jacobs has managed to carve out his own path in recent years, collecting over 3.7 million YouTube subscribers and nearly the same amount on Twitch due to his unique, story-based content.

A popular form of content Jacobs produces is known as "Tales from the SMP," a Twitch anthology series that focuses on his time-traveling character within "Minecraft." The "Tales from the SMP" series began in 2020 and quickly gained tons of traction among the Twitch faithful. This was not only due to its fun premise and execution, but also for featuring an assortment of other popular content creators such as Corpse Husband, ConnorEatsPants, and others. The series has become so popular, in fact, that it will soon spawn a comic book — and the announcement has fans going absolutely wild.

Karl Jacobs teams up with Dark Horse Comics

On August 2, Jacobs announced that he had begun collaborating with the popular Dark Horse Comics in order to produce a comic book series based on "Tales from the SMP." Dark Horse Comics later confirmed this on its official Twitter profile, while at the same time revealing the artists behind the project. The comic book series will be written by Dave Scheidt and will be illustrated by twin artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

Of course, the announcement sent shockwaves through Jacobs' fanbase who all offered their congratulations on the young content creator netting such a cool gig. Popular YouTuber Sapnap said that he was proud of Jacobs. Frequent MrBeast collaborator Nolan Hansen couldn't contain themselves, saying, "[T]his is more epic than canned cheese whiz on crackers and that's saying something. Proud of ya." Others even claimed they cried upon hearing the announcement.

Dark Horse Comics is a powerhouse in the comics space and responsible for comic series based around popular IP such as "Star Wars," "Sin City," and "300," among others. Writer Dave Scheidt is no slouch either, having written comics based on huge franchises like "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "Star Wars" in the past. Kelly and Nichole Matthews — collectively known as Kicking Shoes — are a celebrated duo of artists, with a resume that includes work ranging from R.L. Stine graphic novels to "Power of the Dark Crystal" from Boom! Studios.