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How Stray Is Helping Cats In The Real World

"Stray" released last month to great reviews and a positive response from both gamers and their pets. Now, in addition to delighting gamers and showing the world what it's like to be a cat in a dystopian future, the new game is also helping cats out in the real world.


Thalia Beaty reports for the Associated Press that the cute little protagonist of "Stray" has inspired gamers to play for charity. Players are currently streaming their experiences to raise funds for animal shelters and charities which directly help cats. Many streamers have taken to playing "Stray" while asking viewers to give to specific shelters and tracking the donations that roll in. Since launching, Stray has become one of the most viewed games on Twitch and, with streamers now playing for charity, this could potentially be a big help for our feline friends.

Streamers and viewers aren't the only ones getting into the giving spirit. The publisher of "Stray," Annapurna Interactive, recently donated copies of the game to two cat shelters to raffle off and raise extra money. It also rented out the charmingly named Meow Parlour in New York to host a promotional event for the game. The cat cafe and adoption agency also received a $1,000 donation from Annapurna.


All this kindness and giving for cats hasn't escaped the notice of the cat fans at BlueTwelve, the developer of "Stray."

Gaming for cats (and charity)

The development team members for "Stray" are notable cat fans, with the vast majority of them having cat companions themselves. Indeed, the real life cat who inspired the design of the game's protagonist, who is just as adorable as his digital counterpart, was rescued from the streets of France by the studio's founders. It's not surprising then, that BlueTwelve is taking note of the positive impact its game is having for cats in the real world.


"I certainly hope that maybe some people will be inspired to help actual strays in real life — knowing that having an animal and a companion is a responsibility," Swann Martin-Raget, a producer at BlueTwelve, told AP. It seems this hope may be coming true.

So, if you've enjoyed exploring the cyberpunk world of "Stray" and cracking its codes, consider checking out a charity stream or starting one of your own. While the graffiti found in the game may indicate that the game takes place in the far off future, real stray cats still need some love in the present day.