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Dr Disrespect Teases Deadrop Ranked Mode

Dr Disrespect has begun teasing some ideas he has for a ranked mode in "Deadrop." Dr Disrespect and his game studio revealed its first-person-shooter, "Deadrop," a vertically designed game, inspired by "Battle For Tarkov" and battle royale games. The idea is that players battle for high value loot and then attempt to extract it from the top of a tower. The first reveal of the game didn't go over too well, with people complaining about NFTs and the game's graphical quality. Some supporters were also upset because the vertical slice, or snapshot, that Founders could download required a powerful PC build that many gamers don't have.

In a YouTube video showing off some of "Deadrop" and talking about ideas being implemented into the game, Dr Disrespect shared a few of his ideas for the ranked mode, although he was quick to point out that he wasn't sure the game would have one. The main thing he discussed was having the ranked mode be completely removed from the normal mode, taking place in a different environment made specially for ranked. The space would be smaller and the game would have fewer people in it, to create a tighter more competitive environment. He pitched it as players needing to reach a certain tier in the main game to participate and that the items being extracted would have their own value system, independent of the main game mode.

Dr Disrespect teased other possible aspects of the game

Early in the video Dr Disrespect mentioned that the plan for the final version of the game is to get players into a skyscraper that can be seen in the background of the main menu screen, teasing hundreds of floors of players to play in. Later on, he talked about a unique idea for how dead players could be removed from the game. Instead of bodies despawning after a certain point, some type of drone or character would come down from the rafters and collect the body, adding another element of mystery to the whole narrative experience.

Another key piece of information mentioned by Dr Disrespect was that the studio's goal is to have the game launch on consoles and PC, taking advantage of cross-play and cross-progression. Though the video didn't seem like an official confirmation, it seems like "Deadrop" is being made with the bigger picture in mind. While players continue to find Dr Disrespect and his endorsement of NFTs shady, some fans seem excited for the ideas he and his team at Midnight Society have for "Deadrop."