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Mario 64 Becomes Survival Horror In This Fan Creation

"Super Mario 64" is the game that needs no introduction – but there's more to the iconic title than most players even realize. Not only is "Mario 64" the best-selling N64 title ever – it's the game many folks wish they could play again for the first time. Even after so much time has passed, there's still more to discover about the hit game. Many easy-to-miss details about "Super Mario 64" are hidden in plain sight. On top of that, there was even one particular glitch that took players 24 years to solve. All this mystery makes a recent player mod all the more fitting.

All these years later, gamers are still having a blast reimagining the Nintendo classic in new and inventive ways. Recently, one fan created their own version of "Mario 64" that turned the cheery adventure into a survival horror. Prior to this work of creative genius, other "Mario 64" fans have added their own spin to the game through methods as varied as a James Bond mod to beating the game with a drum kit. Without further adieu, here's the "Mario 64" mod that dropped just in time for fall.

Peach's ghost haunts Mario in fan-made mod

On Aug. 2, 2022, "Mario 64" modder CM9_Animation released "Another Princess is in our Castle" – their survival horror take on the beloved title. As described by CM9_Amination, "You play as Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. You decide to come back to Peach's castle a few years after the princess' death, but something isn't quite right."

Gameplay is fairly straightforward for "Another Princess is in our Castle." Players have to harness their stealth skills to make it through the castle undetected by an undead Princess Peach. The goal is to collect all eight statuettes hidden throughout the castle to solve the mystery. There are some hiding spots along the way, as well as the option to run, though players would be well-advised to consider their limited stamina before doing so.

Right now, the demo for "Another Princess is in our Castle" is all that's live, and it can be downloaded for free. It'll probably take most players a little over 15 minutes to beat, if that, but the fact that more is planned by the developer is exciting for those enticed by what's available so far. Judging by the comments fans have left so far on the game's page, "Another Princess is in our Castle" is a satisfying yet transformative trip down memory lane for "Mario 64" fans.