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Stray: How To Get The Sneakitty Trophy

"Stray" is the first-cat perspective game that the world didn't know it needed. Since it released on July 19, 2022, the indie adventure has received solid reviews for its inventive mechanics on top of a deep cyberpunk plotline that will leave players pondering life. In other words, critics think "Stray" is the cat's meow.


Beyond providing entertainment, "Stray" has helped real-world felines by popularizing charity streams. And, for those wondering, the cats who inspired the protagonist are just as adorable in real life as their counterpart in the game. Even cats have become fans of the game, so enamored that they watch it alongside their human companions.

While progressing through the game by meowing, climbing, knocking objects over, and solving mysteries as an adorable cat may be joy enough for some, once certain "Stray" players get invested in the game's story, the competition ramps up. Specifically, there are opportunities to unlock trophies that just can't be passed up.

The Sneakitty trophy in particular is appealing, largely thanks to the satisfying pun in the name, not to mention the fact that it gives players "Stray" bragging rights. Here's how to get it.


Unlock the Sneakitty trophy with stealth skills

According to RectHydra, earning the Sneakitty trophy in "Stray" happens in the latter half of the game when players are tasked with passing through the Neco Corp Factory and Clementine's apartment without drawing the attention of Sentinel drones. There are a few important specifications to keep in mind through this process. For starters, the drones display red lights when they're ready to attack and yellow when they're aware of the player's presence. To get the Sneakitty trophy, both red and yellow lights must be avoided – players must keep the drones displaying blue light to indicate that they haven't been spotted in the slightest.


Luckily, the drones either stay still or move in repetitive patterns, so laser focus is required – and that's not a reference to a cat toy. Players should keep in mind that the drones only have a range of vision that extends as far as the blue light they display. That being said, good places to hide if needed include various boxes along the way, as well as the atomic battery room and Clementine's apartment which the drones avoid.

Though some players have had trouble unlocking the trophy properly, it's fairly easy to restart from a checkpoint and give it a few goes. All in all, the Sneakitty trophy in "Stray" is perfectly named for the task at hand, and earning it is a satisfying feat.