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EVO 2022 Has Tekken Fans Scrambling For Answers

"Tekken" is one of the most popular fighting game series of all time, with its total sales exceeding 50 million as of 2021. The series first appeared in 1994 as a self-titled arcade system but later made its way to the PlayStation with great success (via Tekken.fandom). Unlike many other popular fighting games at the time, Tekken was one of the first 3D animation fighting games with players able to sidestep attacks. The game was a smashing success and spawned multiple sequels, the most recent being "Tekken 7" in 2015.


However, although "Tekken 7" is a live service game, its last major content pack was released back in March of 2021. This led to rumors about a "Tekken 8" being in development. Recently, during the fighting game tournament Evo 2022, these rumors were seemingly confirmed when a new "Tekken" teaser was shown. But the video was so vague many are unsure about what is in store for the future of "Tekken."

Tekken 8 or Tekken 1 remake?

During the "Tekken 7" event at Evo, audiences were treated to a 20-second teaser for what looks to be a new "Tekken" game. The teaser opens with the original arcade "Tekken" cutscene of Kazuya throwing his father, Heihachi, off a cliff.


Towards the end of the retro cutscene, when Kazuya is striking his famous memeable smile, the footage transitions to a sleek modern Kazuya as the announcer shouts, "Get Ready." Immediately after, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada appeared on stage to celebrate the teaser with the Evo hosts, but quickly left before revealing any more about the mysterious game. Naturally, many were left wondering what the teaser meant.

Many were quick to predict that a "Tekken 8" is on the way. This makes sense, as it has been seven years since a new "Tekken" was arrived, and with "Street Fighter 6" on the way, it now seems like ideal timing. However, some interpreted the teaser as an announcement for a "Tekken 1" remake. But as some users pointed out, in the trailer, Kazuya has battle scars and glowing robotic red eyes, both of which were absent in the original.


Thankfully, it looks like gamers won't have to wait very long to get answers, as the new "Tekken" is already being teased as a fixture for The Game Awards in December. In the meantime, fans of the series can check out the "Tekken: Bloodline" anime on Netflix, airing on August 18.