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How HasanAbi Really Feels About Fan Channels

Since his debut on the platform in 2018, Hasan Piker — more popularly known by his username HasanAbi — has been one of Twitch's most prominent political streamers. To date, the former "Young Turks" contributor has garnered over 2.1 million followers on Twitch while his YouTube channel currently sits at over a million subscribers. Recently, the streamer even entered the spotlight because of a Twitch feud with xQc. HasanAbi often dedicates the entirety of his streams to political discourse and discussion about current events. With streams often lasting several hours, Hasan has produced tons of content that is often regurgitated and disseminated by various other content creators (usually fan/clip accounts) across the internet — something that would often be grounds for the original creator issuing a copyright claim or DMCA.

Ever since websites like YouTube have become more popular and attractive for corporate sponsors, many companies have defended their intellectual properties with vigor. Recently, even Disguised Toast gave clickbait channels an ultimatum after the streamer reached a breaking-point due to others reposting content out of context. However, HasanAbi seems to believe differently, as he recently revealed how he really feels about fan channels that republish pieces of his content.

HasanAbi doesn't mind fans profiting off of his content

During a recent stream, HasanAbi made his thoughts clear on fan channels. The streamer revealed that he has absolutely no problem with accounts using his intellectual property, even if the people behind the accounts make money from it. "Ultimately, you know I f***ing ride for all my fan channels too," HasanAbi told his viewers. The political streamer described how YouTube had apparently taken down a number of fan channels dedicated to his content or otherwise demonetized them, including one called "Daily Dose of HasanAbi" which had gained a considerable amount of popularity. 

According to HasanAbi himself, he is neither behind the takedowns or endorses them. As a matter of fact, he encourages such channels. "I talked to my YouTube account manager and I was like 'No, I want them to be able to keep monetizing. I want them to do whatever the f*** they want.'" HasanAbi went on to say that he encourages these channels to continue to grow so long as they adhere to certain guidelines. "I have basically given up my intellectual property completely. I've released it... unless it's a violation of certain things that I don't like. And I think that, that is the right thing to do, and I think that that is beneficial for me as well." So, those running a HasanAbi fan or repost account won't have to worry about a takedown — so long as they don't misuse their power.