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HasanAbi And xQc's Twitch Feud Explained

There's tension in the air between HasanAbi and xQc. Both streamers have massive followings, so their feud has a lot of onlookers.

For context, these two arguing stars are two of streaming's biggest personalities. Hasan's following more than doubled in 2021 thanks to his leftist political commentary and occasional gaming streams. He's so successful he's even made the bold move of turning down multiple TV offers. As for xQc, he was one of the most lucrative streamers in 2021. Infamous for his frequent bans, xQc is blunt and arguably shady at times, and though he also has a sweet side, he's definitely got a way of getting involved in drama.


The discord between Hasan and xQc began when the latter posted a YouTube video on June 14, 2022 ranking streamers in tiers from worst to best. xQc placed Hasan in the B tier. As for his reasoning, though xQc started by saying that he does like Hasan quite a bit, he also wishes he was more outgoing and played more games.

Naturally, Hasan wasn't thrilled by this analysis. Though xQc kept his critiques content-focused and impersonal, they still hit home. Posting on his alt Twitter that he's since made private, Hasan wrote, "xQc probably ranked be a B list streamer because I won't f**king have him on when a trending political thing is happening where he has to act like he cares to farm the last ounce of the Twitch directory before he goes back to promoting crypto gambling to teens for multiple millions" (via Dexerto). Since Hasan shared his true thoughts and touched on xQc's rocky history with gambling streams, xQc has fired back.


xQc counters HasanAbi's critiques

While there's no saying how long the quarrel between xQc and HasanAbi will last, it's clearly not over yet. Before xQc got his chance to respond, Hasan doubled down on what he posted on his now-private Twitter in his Discord stream. As he wrote to his fans in the server, "I'm sorry he's just never been a good person to me and idc." He also added that Asmongold farmed the Depp v. Heard trial harder than xQc and mentioned that he wasn't actually mad, though the jury's still out on that given what he's posted so far.


Unsurprisingly, xQc had to get a word in after Hasan took a few jabs at him. Reading the Discord message from Hasan, xQc said, "I don't like the language here. I think this is f**king disgusting." He went on to explain that he wasn't OK with personal attacks and accused Hasan of projecting. He also added, "I wouldn't do this to my friends or my acquaintances and treat them like this. I think this is kind of dog sh*t." All eyes are on Hasan to see how he responds, if at all. As of now, it seems he's back to his regularly scheduled programming on social media.