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Two Point Campus: 3 Essential Rooms You Should Build Before Your First Year

Following the success of 2018's "Two Point Hospital" — a business sim based around running a hospital — Two Point Studios has decided to parley the game's critical success and take on the world of academics with "Two Point Campus." Released on August 9, 2022 across multiple platforms, "Two Point Campus" seems to have picked up right where its predecessor left off and is earning good reviews due to its clever incorporation of humor, charm, and the creative freedom it offers players when creating the college of their dreams.


Getting started in "Two Point Campus" and figuring out which facilities to invest in might be a daunting task to some, due to the sheer amount of options that are at their disposal. Of course, the entire point of the game is to turn a profit and without the proper amenities, your school won't last too long. Therefore, setting up facilities and buildings that will give your school an early boost is essential. But which of these facilities should you make first? Here are three essential buildings you can build before opening your school that will ensure its long-term viability.

Science lab

So, you've decided to go into the campus administrator business and are opening up your brand new campus. However, upon starting your first save in "Two Point Campus," you won't have many options when it comes to what courses you will be able to make available at your university. The only course you will have access to upon starting the game is Scientography, so your first action will be creating a Science Lab that makes up for its lack of safety features by giving your students the opportunity to unwittingly create weapons of mass destruction.


As noted by IGN, creating a cool Science Lab doesn't require much in the way of work or imagination. Simply build a small-ish room next to your already-existing Lecture Hall, add a whiteboard, a science shelf chock full of flammable materials, and a huge funnel in the middle and you should be all set. You now have your first class that can start generating cash to further fund your new "prestigious" school. As a bonus tip from GamesRadar, add a little plant to your Science Lab as well. It won't provide any kind of actual function to your students' overpriced science course, but it will boost your school's Attractiveness.

A dormitory

School is hard. And in order for students to perform their academic duties and the highest possible level, a proper good night's rest is essential. Therefore, one of your earliest investments should be into building a dormitory. According to GamerGuides, these Dormitories should be spacious as to avoid things from being too cramped, so try to avoid giving each room the minimum 2x2 build. A Student Lounge is also important as it provides students a place where they can sit back and chill, boosting their individual moods. Adding partitions between the beds and things like posters should also help to create a positive vibe. As noted by PCGamesN, each dorm should accommodate at least six beds with space for other essential or personal items.


But building a Dormitory isn't important just for the sake of keeping the student body happy — it's also an important part to your school making profit. "Two Point Campus" is a business sim, so making cash is the name of the game. Dormitories force the students to pay monthly rent on top of their already overpriced tuition, which should help you fund whatever other facilities and/or courses you might want to implement in the future.

A shower room

A big part of maintaining a successful and profitable college is to make sure it's as clean as possible at all times. Nobody wants to walk into cooking class and smell the rot of expired meat that's been sitting around for over a week. To prevent this, providing constant maintenance on each classes facilities and hiring janitors to clean up messes is imperative. This is key to keeping your school's Hygiene rating up. When it comes to particularly stinky students though, you're not gonna be able to motion to your janitor and request they wipe them with a mop. Instead, you'll have to build showers to prevent them from reeking of body odor.


According to Gamespew, you should build your shower room close to your students' Dormitories. This allows them to maintain good personal hygiene at key points of the day — once they wake before they go to class, and after a long day of blowing things up in the Science Lab you built earlier. This also helps mitigate the possibility of your students walking around campus smelling like a sewer.

While we know building cool decorations to boost your school's attractiveness is definitely on your priority list, it will be all for naught if your school (and students) have a foul stench on it. Also, while you're at it, build some bathrooms too.