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Two Point Campus: The Best Ways To Farm Kudosh

If you love simulation games, then Two Point Studios is a developer worth checking out. The studio debuted with "Two Point Hospital," an underappreciated game from 2018 that saw great critical reviews and drew plenty of fanfare. Now, Two Point Studios is expanding its series with "Two Point Campus." As the name suggests, the goal of the game is to build a school campus, complete with all the essential rooms and features any respectable academic abode should have. However, building all of these things isn't free.


In order to build new structures or furnish rooms, players will need Kudosh. Kudosh is akin to a currency, and it's a valuable resource that players will want to ensure they are farming early on. That said, it's easy to lose track of how much Kudosh is coming in and out of the campus, potentially over-growing the facility and finding that Kudosh stack in short supply. Luckily, there are a few easy ways for players to exponentially grow their Kudosh stash, in order to build the best campus possible.

Career Goals

The game has a built-in way to help players get Kudosh, and that's in the Career Goals section. However, this is actually easier to miss than it might seem. YouTuber Gamers Heroes shared that even they missed the Career Goals section until the end of the game, when Kudosh is nowhere near as helpful.


In order to check Career Goals, players can navigate to the menu in the top right corner. If players select Career Goals, they'll see a variety of different tasks that will reward Kudosh. Once a task is complete, players will need to cash in the task before receiving any Kudosh. There aren't any notifications when a Career Goal is achieved, so players will want to keep track of what they're doing or check the menu frequently to ensure no hard-earned Kudosh is missed.

Career Goals can be used to farm Kudosh by intentionally focusing on the tasks the Goals are asking for. This is an easy, straightforward way to earn the currency, and it also offers an objective system to follow in case players are ever in a situation where they don't know what to do.


Other ways to get Kudosh

While Career Goals are still the best way to get Kudosh quickly, there are a few other ways to get the currency, but some will take much more time than it might be worth.

The Research Lab is an important room to have, partly because players can start researching things that actually pay back Kudosh. Keeping constant research going on in the background is a good way to start building Kudosh over time. Like Career Goals, Star Objectives ask players to do specific things in order to get Kudosh. These tasks vary in difficulty, and the rewarded Kudosh will vary as well. 


There's also the opportunity to get Kudosh from End of Year awards, which are somewhat random awards that give little bits of Kudosh. However, there's no way to really predict these, so End of Year awards aren't a reliable way to farm the currency. Bookworms are another unreliable source of Kudosh, which can be found randomly around campus.

While farming Kudosh, it's worth noting how Kudosh is being spent. Wise spending is another way to keep currency levels high. For example, Reddit user Pinstar explained that you shouldn't feel bad denying student's item requests if the cost of Kudosh is too high. With a little intentional planning, and some well-made decisions, it won't be long before player find themselves with more Kudosh then they know what to do with.