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Breaking Bad's Creator Reveals Failed Video Game Attempts

Fans of the hit series "Breaking Bad" may have wondered what it would be like to drop into the fictional version of Albuquerque, New Mexico and live the experiences of Walter White. Leading a double life, cooking and selling illegal drugs, building a criminal empire, and disposing of rivals all seem like a perfect premise for a video game. As it turns out, the creator of "Breaking Bad," Vince Gilligan, had the same idea. Sadly, nothing ever came of it but that doesn't mean he didn't give it a shot.

Speaking on the latest episode of the "Inside the Gilliverse" podcast, Gilligan explains that, while he doesn't play many video games, he did see the potential for bringing "Breaking Bad" to the medium. Not surprisingly, he saw it working as a "GTA" style entry and apparently made inquiries into getting some kind of "Breaking Bad" module developed for "Grand Theft Auto" but it just didn't work out. He also noted that other attempts were made to create a "Breaking Bad" game, including a VR title for PlayStation and a mobile game, "Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements," that released but has since been discontinued. While these attempts allowed Gilligan to learn a lot more about the industry and the development process, he was never able to make a true "Breaking Bad" video game happen.

Further, Gilligan says fans shouldn't hope to play as Walter White any time soon.

No Breaking Bad video game on the horizon

While Gilligan maintains an interest in video games and expanding the "Breaking Bad" universe, he acknowledges that making a game requires a great deal of time and money that isn't always available. He also notes that if a game were to be developed, he would want it to be truly good and not just a cash grab that takes advantage of the name recognition. He even brings up the story of the "ET" game for the Atari that, despite being based on a beloved property, bombed in spectacular fashion and is widely considered the worst video game in history.

Given the constraints on video game production and Gilligan's stance, it doesn't seem like fans will see a "Breaking Bad" game anytime soon. That doesn't mean they should give up hope entirely, however. Gilligan still seems interested in the idea and, despite claiming he doesn't know much about video games, his references to "GTA" and "ET" would seem to indicate he's being modest. He's certainly picked up a few things over time and, given the opportunity, it's not out of the question that he could bring gamers to the drug wars of New Mexico in the future.