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Better Call Saul Will Continue On In This MultiVersus Mod

After six critically acclaimed seasons, "Better Call Saul" will air its highly anticipated series finale on August 15. Much like how its predecessor "Breaking Bad" followed the stunning transformation of Walter White from being a high school chemistry teacher to a full-blown drug lord, "Better Call Saul" has seen Jimmy McGill make a similar transformation from a lowly and morally ambiguous criminal lawyer to the shady and unethical Saul Goodman. Despite its predecessor being regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time, "Better Call Saul" has carved out its own respectable legacy and has even managed to do some things better than "Breaking Bad" throughout its six-season run. And even if the prequel and occasional sequel is wrapping up, a mod in "MultiVersus" seems poised to keep it moving beyond its run on TV.


Despite "MultiVersus" being Warner Brothers' answer to Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros." series, the crossover fighting title has made a good first impression with critics and may very well be on its way to establishing itself as a formidable title on the brawler market. The game features an eclectic cast of playable characters — be it Shaggy from "Scooby-Doo" or Morty from "Rick and Morty" — from a variety of Warner Bros.-owned shows and movies, and fans have already begun modding in other characters from other beloved IPs. The latest of these modded-in characters include "Better Call Saul" fan favorites Gustavo Fring and Saul Goodman himself.

Modders have added Gustavo Fring and Saul Goodman to MultiVersus

On August 9, video game modder and 3D artist @DrZxbi revealed that they had created a mod which adds "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" antagonist Gustavo Fring to "MultiVersus," which is currently available for players to download. According to its official page on GameBanana, the Gus mod is merely a skin and places his character model over Arya Stark's, giving him the "Game of Thrones" character's moveset. To further add to the immersion, Fring's mod also replaces Arya's sword with a box cutter. However, the Los Pollos Hermanos owner and methamphetamine drug lord isn't the only character that has been modded into "MultiVersus."


Another modder by the name of IX_Productions uploaded a Saul Goodman mod to GameBanana, which hilariously replaces Shaggy's model in-game. As mentioned by TheGamer, Shaggy's sandwiches are replaced by a law book that the shady lawyer will use as a weapon against his foes.

Even early on in its history, several "MultiVersus" mods have made an already odd game even weirder, and adding two fan favorites from a show about a lawyer's descent into the criminal underworld fits that kind of weird theme perfectly.