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Rumbleverse: Why Powders Are So Necessary For Winning Matches

"Rumbleverse," the free-to-play battle royale inspired by professional wrestling, like WWE and AEW, has finally been released. This all-out melee pits over the top wrestlers against one another in a massive city, filled with folding chairs and other objects to hit each other with. While some players have been having issues connecting to the servers since launch, players seem to be enjoying "Rumbleverse." Launching with all the multiplayer bells and whistles, like cross-play and cross-progression, across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

One of the mechanics in Rumbleverse is that instead of looting guns like other battle royale games, players can loot melee weapons, skills, and power-ups. All of these items give you an advantage over your opponent, like using more powerful skills instead of regular melee attacks. One of the items that can be looted are Powders, which provide powerful bonuses. Here's why you need to gather Powders in order to win in "Rumbleverse."

Why Powders are important in Rumbleverse

According to RockPaperShotgun, Powders are one of the items found in crates around the "Rumbleverse" map. There are three types of Powders: Arms Powder (red), Legs Powder (yellow), and Core Powder (green). The red powder gives a 10% damage bonus, yellow gives 10 max stamina, and green gives 10 max health. During a single match, you can consume up to 10 total powders. While yellow and green provide additional max and stamina, this is only by 10 points for each powder so they aren't as important.

The most important powder is the red damage powder. While a 10% damage boost might not sound like much, you can pick up to 10 if you ignore the other colors. A more balanced way to play would to be to pick up five red powders and split the other five between the stamina and health powders. Heading into combat with a 50% damage boost can make winning crucial fights late in the game that much easier.