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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock Triton

When it comes to RPGs on the Nintendo Switch, it's hard to ignore the "Xenoblade Chronicles" games. The first one on the system, "Xenoblade Chronicles 2," was loved by critics and fans alike, and "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" has also seen its share of critical praise — partly because of its interesting characters.

Triton is one such character responsible for captivating players. With a loud personality, wholesome attitude, and failing memory, some fans have claimed he's their favorite character. Triton also has a handy class: Soulhacker. While technically considered an Attacker, Soulhacker can be modified to suit whatever role players need it to be. Triton's base stats will take one of six different forms depending on the selected Role Skill, giving the character multiple options for every class. As a result, Triton can round out any player's team and potentially avoid lengthy calculations over the best Healers or worst Defenders. Luckily, adding Triton to the roster doesn't require anything too out of the ordinary once players know how to start the quest.

Following the Ferronis

Players can start the quest to unlock Triton by going to Ishan Isle. Once there, a cutscene will play after players approach the giant Ferronis walking through the water. After that, players must follow the Ferronis to another island called Hargan Port, as shown by YouTuber Xanon.

After players arrive at Hargan Port, a trail will lead to Triton, the pilot of the Ferronis seen earlier. After another cutscene, Triton will challenge players to a contest where they'll spend time going around the Erythia Sea in a quest called "Doing it My Way." While the quest can be a bit tedious, simply following the instructions will take players everywhere they need to go until the task is complete.

The last part of the quest will see the group face off against Triton and a few of his allies, so players should ensure they're prepared for the level 48 adversary. Xanon's team was level 60 for this quest, but they also admit they found the unlockable character's quest late. Once Triton is defeated, players will be able to recruit the character as a reward for their efforts. Though this quest takes a bit more effort than unlocking characters like Valdi, Triton's unique abilities make him worth the time spent.