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PlayStation Could Soon Be Coming To PC In A Whole New Way

Console developers have long attempted to capitalize on the PC gaming market, sometimes with terrible results. While PC ports of console games are common enough, there tends to be a sharp disconnect between console manufacturers and PC players. Companies like Sony or Nintendo typically focus on the audience using their hardware. At the same time, platforms like SteamGoG, and the Epic Games Store serve PC gamers. However, newly discovered files in the recently-released PC port of "Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" hint at the possibility of Sony getting more involved in the PC side of the gaming industry.

VGC reported that some files in the "Spider-Man" PC port refer to a "PlayStation PC launcher," while others suggest functionality to link PC games to the PlayStation Network. Taken together, these revelations seem to point toward potential plans for Sony to release its own PC games launcher that links to the PlayStation Network.

These files were, of course, inactive in "Marvel's Spider-Man," and may just be the remains of ideas abandoned during game development. Ryan Dinsdale of IGN notes that the game contains files for other features, like a multiplayer mode, that were ultimately cut from the final version. Still, there's fan speculation that these files could mean Sony is currently laying the groundwork for a future PC storefront and game launcher that integrates with the PlayStation Network.

A PC games launcher for PlayStation could be in the works

Fans wonder if these reveals mean they could eventually play PlayStation games on their PC. Others speculate that this could be Sony's answer to Microsoft's Xbox app for the PC. Still, there are those who aren't enthusiastic, feeling PCs are already saturated with game launchers. While nothing is confirmed yet, there's no shortage of opinions about the possibilities.

Sony has been investing a great deal of time and effort into revamping the PlayStation Network. It just unveiled a planned rewards program called the Stars Loyalty Program, and Sony also established separate tiers for PlayStation Plus with different costs and bonuses. On top of all that, Sony even made a move to acquire the "Destiny 2" developer Bungie — with plans to use the studio to help grow its own multiplayer offerings.  

Meanwhile, Steam is moving into the console market with its critically praised Steam Deck, which supports many popular PC games. With Microsoft already existing in both worlds, a la Xbox Game Pass, and its presence as both the Xbox manufacturer and a dominant player in the PC industry, there's plenty of straddling the PC/console fence at the moment. 

If Sony does follow through on bringing PlayStation to the PC, it might further blur the lines between PC and console gaming. Perhaps this would finally put to bed one of the great debates assumed to divide gamers forever.