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How To Merge Your Overwatch Console And PC Accounts

"Overwatch 2" is almost here and many fans have been surprised to learn that it isn't coming out in addition to the original "Overwatch," but rather is replacing it. The transition is bringing a lot of new features, such as story missions and the new PvP map-type called "Push," but it's also trying to keep all the things that made its predecessor great. Blizzard is also making an effort to ensure that its players are going to be able to keep their old skins, sprays and various other items. This means that "Overwatch" players will be able to start "Overwatch 2" with all of their swag still intact. New generations of consoles have come out between these releases, however, and many fans who have been sticking to their old PS4 or Xbox One in order to keep their profile might want to be able to play this new game on a new system. PC players may also want to be able to move their information to a console, for example

Well, there's good news! It seems that Blizzard has enabled cross progression for "Overwatch," letting players transfer their profiles across systems. This allows those upgrading to new systems to bring their account information with them, and may also be handy for those who like to go back and forth between playing on a PC in one room and a console in the other, or perhaps even using a Nintendo Switch when playing on the go. Here's how to merge PC and console accounts.

Merge to Battle.net

Blizzard Entertainment has written a FAQ about the new feature where to explain how it works. Merging accounts isn't as complicated as it might seem, but it will require all players to link their profiles to a Battle.net account. This is Activision Blizzard's official gaming network and having an account is required to play "Overwatch 2," whether players choose to merge their old accounts or not.

Many players may find that their "Overwatch" account will automatically be linked to their Battle.net account if they already have one. If an account was not automatically linked, players need to log into their "Overwatch" account on the specific system that they're looking to link. They should now automatically receive several on screen prompts at login, culminating in one telling them to scan a QR code using a mobile device. There will then be a code displayed on the console that can then be used to create or connect to an existing Bettle.net account. Only one account per platform can be merged, so players will have to choose which account they want to use if they have more than one on a single device.

Blizzard has also linked an Account Link Common Problems support article for those who encounter errors while attempting to link their accounts.