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Final Fantasy 14: How To Glamour Your Gear

In massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, there can anywhere from thousands to millions of players participating at any given time. When in such a massive crowd, it's only natural to want to stand out. Some people achieve this by changing the color of their avatar's clothes, or wearing a sign of status, such as an exclusive skin or costly cosmetic from an in-game store. "Final Fantasy 14" approaches this desire to distinguish one's character in quite a few ways, even granting players the ability to Glamour their gear.


First released in 2010, "Final Fantasy 14" was a massive flop and drew criticism for a litany of issues. Its launch was so bad, in fact, that the Square Enix CEO thought it had tarnished the entire franchise. However, upon its re-release in 2013, the title experienced a redemption arc and is now lauded as one of the better MMOs on the market. A big part of that success stems from granting players a relatively free-flowing and self-dictated world where they are in control, including determining how their in-game avatars look. If you are among the those still enjoying "Final Fantasy 14" to this day, Glamouring your character could be a fun way to make them stick out.

Unlocking Glamour in Final Fantasy 14

To unlock Glamour in "Final Fantasy 14," you must reach Level 15, gain access to Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan, and finish two of Swyrgeim's quests: "If I Had a Glamour" and "Absolutely Glamourous" (per IGN). Alternatively, you can wait until Level 50 and take on the "A Self-Improving Man" quest in Mor Dhona. This process grants the ability to visit a Glamour Dresser at an inn or in your Grand Company barracks, which you can use to apply Glamour to gear.


As noted by Polygon, the Glamour Dresser can store up to 400 items for the express purpose of making your gear aesthetically pleasing. Additional slots for event items can be found in the Armoire. The dresser allows players to create Glamour Plates, enabling them to Glamour whole outfits at the same time as opposed to Glamouring each individual piece. You can only cast Glamour Plates within a city, so be wary not to stray too far if you wish to customize. Glamour plates offer players tons of options, but more original designs can be made when applying them to item sets.

How to cast Glamour

According to YouTuber The Fashionista, you will need Glamour Prisms. These items are necessary to project Glamour onto items. The Fashionista finds it easier to purchase these prisms using Company Seals, a currency that allows you to buy unique items from whichever Grand Company your character is a part of. It is also recommended you purchase a Glamour Dispeller, which will remove any current Glamour you have at any given time. These items can also be bought using the Market Board.


Next, select an item you want to glam up from the Glamour Dresser and click "Cast Glamour" (via PC Gamer). You will then be given a list of possible Glamour looks to select from based on what is in your inventory. Selecting one will cost a Glamour Prism, so make sure you have enough on hand in case you change your mind about something. And if you wish to remove Glamour from an item, use one of the Glamour Dispellers you bought earlier.

Before you begin applying Glamour to items, it's important to note that certain items are restricted by your character's gender and job. For instance, characters with the Samurai job can't use Mage-specific items.