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How Long Does It Take To Beat Thymesia?

The action role-playing game (ARPG) genre has experienced a huge boom period in recent years. "Elden Ring" is by far the best example of such, being both commercially and critically successful and helping introduce tons of gamers to "Soulslike" games. The success of "Elden Ring" has catapulted a litany of other games into the public eye as well, one of which is "Thymesia," a smaller scale ARPG that uses a fantasy backdrop as a greatly outnumbered protagonist aims to bring balance to an otherwise unbalanced world.


Developed by OverBorder Studios and published by Team17, "Thymesia" puts players in the shoes of the mysterious and amnesia-afflicted Corvus, who must wage war against a mutating plague that has swept through the Kingdom of Hermes while he regains his memory. With similar games such as "Elden Ring" often taking quite a while to beat, prospective players might be curious as to how long they can expect to be playing "Thymesia" before hitting the end credits. With reviewers' experiences with the game as a reference, here's how long it should take before beating "Thymesia" and saving Hermes from the mutated monsters that occupy its realm.

Thymesia won't require a very long playthrough

In a review done by GameSpot's Phil Hornshaw, "Thymesia" won't take nearly as long as its contemporaries to complete. According to Hornshaw, the game only took about 10 hours to complete — something he considered to be a good thing. "[A]t 10 hours, 'Thymesia' is short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome," Hornshaw said in his review. Writing for VG247, Sherif Saed had a similar experience and claimed that it took around 10 hours to complete "Thymesia."


However, other reviewers do seem to have squeezed a few more hours out of the game. "Despite some repetition, then, the full game doesn't feel miserly, and can easily last 15-20 hours — comparable at least to other character action games such as 'Devil May Cry,'" Jon Bailes of the Washington Post said in his review. Bailes argued that this was a net positive for the overall experience and offered players a more truncated experience than similar games such as "Elden Ring." Not all playthroughs cracked the 10-hour mark, though. According to Jarrett Green of IGN, he was able to get through "Thymesia" in a swift 8 hours.