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Keffals' Doxxing Nightmare Continues

The internet is a scary place. Especially now that targeted harassment has started to leap off the internet and into the real world at an alarming rate (per Tubefilter). Some of the most dangerous examples of targeted harassment include doxxing and swatting. For the uninitiated, doxxing is when an internet user has their address, phone number, or any other personal private information unwillingly leaked to the public, but swatting takes things even one step further. Swatting is when someone calls in a fake tip to have law enforcement show up at a victim's residence or place of work. This abuse of emergency services is incredibly dangerous and illegal in many countries, and sometimes, swatting can end tragically and fatally for the victim.

Canadian trans activist and content creator Keffals is someone who understands what it's like to be the victim of targeted harassment all too well after being on the receiving end of both doxxing and swatting in the past. In July, Keffals was swatted in her London residence (via Globalnews), an event that led to a response from the Canadian democratic party leader. But unfortunately, according to Keffals, her situation has not improved since the incident. In fact, it has only worsened.

The harassers found her while she was in hiding

Keffals uploaded a video to her YouTube page titled "Things have escalated. Now I'm in hiding." Keffals began the video by explaining that she left her home on August 5th, shortly after going public about the swatting incident, and sought haven in a hotel. To inform her followers that she was okay, she posted a picture of her cat on top of some bedsheets to her Discord server. However, Keffals said, her harassers quickly cross-referenced the bedsheet design in the picture with hotels in the area until they found a match — something she later discovered when multiple pizza deliveries were sent to her room under her dead name the next day.

Keffals stated that she suspects her harassers to be users that congregate on the internet forum site Kiwi Farms. A website known to harbor individuals who make stalking and harassing individuals online their hobby (via NewYorkmag). However, she added that the London police service has begun investigating the harassment through multiple channels.

The streamer ended her video by explaining that she was in hiding at an undisclosed Airbnb and brought a small streaming setup with her, so she didn't have to give up her career. She also revealed that she had hired a lawyer, but didn't specify what legal actions she would take. In the meantime, supporters can donate to Keffals through her Gofundme or Patreon.