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Why Dr Disrespect Broke His Mouse During Apex Legends Meltdown

Dr Disrespect has raged about "Apex Legends" deaths before, but this is the most explosive time in recent history. In his latest stream, he played "Apex Legends" for about eight hours, using a mouse that apparently kept disconnecting during the game. The game wasn't going like he wanted, and by the end of the stream, he couldn't take the noise from constant disconnects.

After he died in the last game, he exited the "Apex Legends" client in frustration and attempted to adjust his mouse. However, he lost his patience and slammed it into his desk instead. He then started a rant about how terrible "Apex Legends" was from its sound effects to its complex lore.

"This f****** game sucks," he said. "It's terrible. Such a distraction, everything's a f****** distraction. That's what it is. Sound effect, explosions, VFX, I'm having a seizure, right? There's so much VFX on my f****** screen I don't know what it is. I don't know what the fiction of this game is. I have no idea what's going on. None!" the Doc raged.

He then went on to rant about removing the King's Canyon map from the game, even though Respawn just changed it for Season 14.

Here's what happened leading up to Doc's outburst with his mouse. 

He was having a bad time

Doc took out his frustration on his defective mouse, which might make it seem like the main issue. However, it was just part of the overall frustrating stream. The technical issues weren't enough to stop him from playing entirely, as he made it through at least 8 hours with his malfunctioning setup. 

The mouse seemed to work fine for most of the stream. "Apex Legends" itself didn't seem to be the target of criticism until the very end, when Doc couldn't keep in the frustration anymore. In fact, Doc talked to his squadmates about how "Call of Duty: Warzone" had worse sound design than "Apex." It's possible that his blowup happened from a combination of the stress of the drawbacks he ranted about, the defective mouse, and his team's performance.

His mouse probably wasn't as responsive as he wanted, especially if it kept disconnecting randomly during the game. At the end of the stream, Doc bounced his mouse up and down like a yo-yo so that his viewers could see and hear the issue. The Windows notification noise blipped in the background repeatedly as the mouse connected and disconnected from his computer. 

At the very least, he seemed to be in good enough spirits to send off his viewers with a memorable conclusion.