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How Long Does It Take To Beat Saints Row?

It's no secret that 2006's "Saints Row" was heavily influenced by the "Grand Theft Auto" series (per GamesRadar+). "Saints Row" follows a fictional street gang in the Saints Row district as they build an empire to dominate the streets. And, like "GTA," the gameplay consists of players exploring an open world as they work through the story of a criminal or partake in a wide variety of side activity.


Later "Saints Row" entries have much less in common with "GTA." The series became increasingly over-the-top, featuring wacky mechanics and narratives that culminated in players fighting off an alien race, becoming the President of the United States, and harnessing superpowers.

After "Saints Row: Gat out Hell" met with mixed reviews in 2015, the franchise went on something of a hiatus. That ended with the August 2022 release of a reboot sharing the same name as the original entry. As the new "Saints Row" features open-world gameplay, many may wonder how much content the game has to offer.

Saints Row takes about 20-30 hours to beat

IGN's Tristan Ogilvie clocked around 30 hours in "Saints Row" before considering the game complete, though he noted that not all of that time was spent on the main story. Instead, he used a large chunk of that playtime pursuing Criminal Ventures in the city. There are 12 of these Ventures in total and roughly half of them need to be completed to unlock the final story missions. However, after doing most of the Ventures, Ogilvie said that the related missions became too repetitive to continue.


Richard Wakeling from GameSpot finished "Saints Row" in 22 hours. Like IGN's reviewer, Wakeling completed the central narrative and picked up the majority of the Criminal Ventures. He observed that, similar to "GTA," he spent the bulk of his time in the car going from place to place.

Jody Macgregor at PC Gamer took 25 hours to complete "Saints Row." He revealed that game opens by showing the player's crew ruling the city before pivoting to a recap of their rise to power. Like the others, Macgregor emphasized the major role played by Criminal Ventures.