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This Skyrim Bug Turns Wolves Into Kangaroos

Bethesda's "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" was incredibly popular when it hit shelves back in 2011, selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 48 hours. However, the popularity of "Skyrim" didn't simply fade away shortly after its release, as with most single-player games. Instead, "Skyrim" has remained a staple gaming title enjoyed by thousands of gamers every day (per Steamcharts).

Players everywhere are experiencing "Skyrim" for the first time or returning to "Skyrim" for several reasons. Firstly, DLC and mods completely change the game and provide fresh experiences in "Skyrim." Secondly, there's so much content in "Skyrim" that players can still find new things that were never discovered over a decade after its release. Finally, there are more ways to play "Skyrim" than ever, thanks to its next-generation releases, Switch port, and VR mode.

But no matter the port, one thing is constant, there are a ton of bugs in "Skyrim." Players love to share their bug findings, especially when they create comedic situations. And recently, a player uploaded a new bug video that hilariously transforms an animal into something it's not.

Kangaroos in Skyrim?

A few days ago, Reddit user vjcullen uploaded a video to the Skyrim subreddit titled "Witness a very rare sight of kangaroo in Skyrim." The video quickly garnered massive attention and over nine thousand upvotes. In the video, a player is traversing the downward slope of a mountain in third-person mode. Running up behind the player and eventually overtaking them is a tan wolf. The wolf looks to be running on two legs, making it more of a kangaroo than a wolf, thanks to a hilarious bug.

Many laughed about the bug in the comments and cracked jokes. For example, some noted the wolf's resemblance to Crash Bandicoot, while others joked that the player was actually in Australia. Of course, this isn't the first time "Skyrim" physics has made for a hilarious sight, with the way horses interact with inclines spawning a wealth of memes. Just recently, a player's horse even took to the skies thanks to a weird incline glitch that almost allowed them to take out two dragons. 

It's safe to say that players will be finding new glitches in "Skyrim" for a long time, thanks to the sheer amount of content in the game and the abundance of people still playing it. And it's a good thing, too, as it looks like a long wait before players get their hands on "The Elder Scrolls 6."