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Destiny 2: Guardian Ranks Explained

"Destiny 2" has millions of registered players, and that number is only increasing (per mmo-population). "Destiny 2," developed by Bungie, is a very different type of game compared to Bungie's legendary "Halo" franchise. Instead of releasing a single-player campaign and moving on to a sequel, Bungie continues to work on "Destiny 2" as a multiplayer live service game that regularly pushes out new content to keep players engaged. For example, its most recent "Solstice" event gave players new armor and currency to play with.

The newest chapter of "Destiny 2" begins with "Lightfall," an upcoming cyberpunk-styled expansion that features a new campaign, armor sets, weapons, and more. Additionally, alongside "Lightfall," Bungie is finally addressing complaints that "Destiny 2" is too hard for new players to get into and that it is difficult to find players to group with in-game. One way Bungie plans to address these issues is to implement Guardian Ranks, an all-new reputation system. Here is how the Guardian Rank system shakes out in "Destiny 2."

Guardian Ranks are intended to help new players and reward veterans

During the "Destiny 2" showcase on August 23, Bungie revealed its upcoming Guardian Ranks system. Senior Lead designer Steve Dolan explained Guardian Ranks as a kind of "knowledge ladder." The system features 11 ranks, with the highest rank awarding players with the title of Paragon. Bungie said that this system's goal is to expose and familiarize players with all of the many systems "Destiny 2" offers.

Players can climb this ladder by completing the challenges introduced in each tier. Once a player completes enough of these challenges, they will move up a tier. Alongside a title players can show off, Guardian Ranks will reward veteran players who go out of their way to help new players. Bungie hasn't revealed what these rewards would be, but it's exciting for players to see that this system helps out newbies and old school fans alike.

Bungie explained that the Guardian Ranks system is part of an ongoing broader effort to make "Destiny 2" more accessible and give players more ways to find groups. Guardian Ranks will make it easier to pair up with people of similar skill and knowledge levels. Another feature that is coming to "Destiny 2" as part of this accessibility push is Fireteam Finder, a system that will allow players to pair up using a matchmaking menu.