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The Massive Total War: Warhammer Map That's Been 10 Years In The Making

"Total War: Warhammer" is a subseries of games in the immensely popular turn-based real-time tactics series "Total War." What separates "Total War: Warhammer" from the rest of the "Total War" series is that it doesn't have a historical setting. Instead, "Total War: Warhammer" takes place in a fantasy realm home to Greenskins, Vampires, Dwarves, and of course, Humans. And Players must take control of one of these races or factions to build an empire through conquest and city management.

The newest entry into the series, "Total War: Warhammer 3," was released back in February and was met with generally favorable reviews, but that's not where the story of "Warhammer 3" ends. "Warhammer 3" is still seeing regular updates, with its most recent 2.0 update releasing alongside a beta for the most ambitious "Warhammer" release yet, titled "Immortal Empires." Fans are already calling "Immortal Empires" a masterpiece and are in awe at the size of this title that was ten years in the making (via Polygon).

It combines three games worth of content

"Immortal Empires" combines ten years' worth of content into a single map. It's not just a combination of "Warhammer" locations. Instead, "Immortal Empires" combines all content from every "Total War: Warhammer" game, including landmasses, war units, Legacy Lords, and much more, into one package. That's three games' worth of content in total. Lead designer Mitchell Heastie, who has been working on the "Warhammer" series since its beginning, called the title "the culmination of everything we've ever worked on" in a recent interview with PCGamesN.

When looking the abundance of content in the three games, it's truly staggering. In total, "Immortal Empires" features 86 playable Legendary Lords, 278 starting factions, and 554 settlements, according to PCGamesN's calculations. To nobody's surprise, getting all this content into one map was a massive undertaking, something Heastie wasn't shy to discuss, but he is confident that the hard work paid off. Heastie argued that in 50 years, when people think back at "Total War: Warhammer," "Immortal Empires" will come to mind.

To join the "Immortal Empires" beta, players must own all three "Total War: Warhammer" base games, and any DLC for the three games they wish to use in "Immortal Empires" as well. The "Immortal Empires" beta downloads automatically with the 2.0 update, so no external downloads are needed. But players must ensure they have enough space, as they will need around 120GB to install the massive "Immortal Empires" map.