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The Shocking Reason Why JiDion Is Accusing Twitch Of Racism

JiDion, a YouTuber who was permanently banned from Twitch after instigating a hate raid against Pokimane, is now accusing the streaming platform of racism for an unexpected reason. While JiDion was able to patch things up with Pokimane, the controversial content creator has remained banned on the platform. Just this past week, a  lesser-known streamer by the name of kimmikka was given a 7-day suspension from Twitch for engaging in sexual activity while streaming. While nothing explicit was directly visible during the stream, Win.GG reported that it was pretty clear to viewers what was going on.


JiDion took to Twitter to accuse Twitch of racial bias shortly after this event went viral. Essentially, JiDion could not understand why his ban was permanent when a major infraction like kimmikka's only resulted in a week-long ban. He concluded, "Twitch Is Racist!" 

JiDion's furious tweet gained a ton of traction, rapidly getting over 10,000 retweets and over 165,000 likes. The streamer then tagged Twitch support in a follow-up tweet, just to make sure they saw his message. Since then, JiDion has issued an ultimatum to Twitch.

JiDion calls out Twitch

A few content creators responded to JiDion's initial post, including Clix and Adin Ross, who both felt that the situation was more than a bit bizarre. Jake Lucky of Full Squad Gaming shared JiDion's tweet, stating that Twitch is under some pressure now. In a follow-up tweet, Lucky wrote, "The streamer who had sex on stream verbally stated she only got a 7 day ban from Twitch, she did not show the email or screenshots of the ban." Lucky predicted that Twitch might end up extending kimmikka's ban after this backlash, if it hasn't already.


A number of fans have also been supportive of JiDion, arguing that trolling other streamers, while still a problem, shouldn't result in a more severe punishment than someone having sex on stream. Other people disagreed with JiDion, stating that harassing others is a worse offense. Other viewers are still more distracted by how short of a ban kimmikka apparently got for the incident. For his own part, JiDion eventually doubled down on his callout of Twitch. The streamer tweeted, "#TwitchIsSexist," then reiterated his feeling that Twitch can't continue to ignore this issue.

On August 26, JiDion posted a video in which he called on Twitch to either permaban kimmikka or reverse his own ban. At this time, Twitch has not yet responded to JiDion's messages.