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Pokimane And JiDion Finally Put Their Feud To Rest

Earlier this year, Pokimane made headlines as drama unfolded between her and fellow streamers JiDion and Ninja – or at least Ninja's wife. In fact, things ramped up so bad that Ninja and his wife-slash-manager, Jessica Blevins, threatened Pokimane with legal action after Pokimane spoke out about being the victim of a hate raid from JiDion that was allegedly spurred on by Ninja. While things escalated between Ninja, Jessica, and Pokimane, JiDion started backtracking on the drama and told his followers to leave Pokimane alone. Pokimane and JiDion ended up meeting in a twist that no one expected, and now the collaboration between the two has finally dropped.

JiDion posted the collaboration on February 15, which saw the two get together and discuss everything that went down. Before they met up, JiDion explained that they actually had a Discord call where they planned the meetup and said that he didn't want the drama.

Before the two even got into the nitty-gritty details of the hate raid incident, JiDion gifted Pokimane a basket of Dijon mustard – a hilarious reference to the fact that Poki and many others had been referring to him as Dijon mustard to avoid giving him shout-outs when the drama originally unfolded. Luckily, the act of goodwill set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

The JiDion and Pokimane drama is behind them

After shaking hands, the two declared that the drama between them is now over. To open up the conversation, JiDion explained that he felt a bit slighted because he really thought he got banned because of Poki. However, Poki and JiDion came to the conclusion that it's not her fault when Twitch decides to take action against those that violate the site's terms of service.

JiDion apologized and owned up to his actions before the two went out to grab some Chick-fil-A. They actually ended up getting one of everything on the menu to have their heart-to-heart, which began with JiDion asking Pokimane if she really thought he was a misogynist. She answered that she thought he was just "exhibiting behaviors" without necessarily understanding what he was doing.

They also spoke about the makeup-less Pokimane picture that was circling social media after JiDion made it his profile picture, which led to JiDion helping Poki reclaim her picture by posting the picture herself with the caption "this face makes more money than you'll ever see in your life."

While the drama initially caused Pokimane to almost quit Twitch this year, she and JiDion ended up friends. In fact, Poki stated that they could collab in the future if he's ever in LA again.